Bigfoot By Any Other Name

We all know the common names for Bigfoot, like Sasquatch or Yeti, but all across the world, people have other names for the large, furry, humanoid that hides in the woods. Here is our list of other names for Sasquatch.

When it comes to other names for Bigfoot, the most common are, of course, Yeti, Sasquatch, Booger, and Abominable Snowman but there are many more variants across the world. Different tribes have a variety of names that all describe a wild humanoid living in the wild. What follows is a list of other names for Bigfoot.

This list of Bigfoot names is by no means definitive and is a work in progress. If you know of one that should be included or have a comment about one of the ones listed, please send me a message about it.


  • Abominable Snowman
  • A hoo la huk (Yup’ik Indian)
  • Albatwitche, the manlike apple stealers (Susquehannock Native)
  • Almas
  • Almasty
  • American Ape
  • Anisau
  • Ape-Man
  • Atahsais (Zuni Indian) “The Cannibal Demon”
  • At’at’ahila (Chinookan Indian)


  • The Bad Smelling Tree Men (USA, ID, Coeur d’Alene, and WA, Spokane)
  • Barmanu (northwest Pakistan)
  • Ba’wis (Tsimshian Indian Bigfoot)
  • B’gwas (Haisla, Canada, BC)
  • Biabin-Guli
  • Big Big Hairy Figure With Eyes Sunk Deep In The Head (n.w. USA, Wakashan, Kwakiutl Tribe)
  • big hairy man, the messenger (USA, Hopi Tribe)
  • Big Hairy Monster
  • the Big Man (USA, western SD, Lakota)
  • Big Ones
  • Blacki
  • Boqs (Bella Coola Bigfoot)
  • Boggy Boon
  • Boggy Bill (USA, east TX)
  • the Booger
  • Booger Man
  • Boogie Man
  • Boogy Monster
  • Boqs (s.w. Canada, Bella Coola Tribe) “Bushman”
  • Brenin Llwyd
  • Brother Who Comes Back Before The Next Very Big Winter (USA, SD, Ogala, Lakota)
  • Bukwas “Wildman of the Woods” (Kwakwaka’wakw Indians)
  • Bush Indians (Alaskan Athabaskan Bigfoot)


  • Caddo Critter
  • the Cannibal Giant (USA, Native American)
  • Cave Monster
  • Cave Spirit
  • Cave Yeller (USA, KY)
  • Cer Ra Ca Wa “the turkey eater” (northern Mexico)
  • Chi-Chi
  • Chinese Wild man
  • Chiye-Tanka (Sioux and Lakota) “Big Elder Brother”
  • Choanito (Wenatchi Indian Bigfoot) “Night People”
  • Chuchuna
  • Ci-e (USA, SD, Pine Ridge Res.)
  • Crying Beast(USA, southern Ohio, 1800s)


  •     Devils
  •     Devil Monkey (USA, s.w. OK)
  •     Destroyer Who Breaks Up Houses (USA, Na-Dene)
  •     Doolagahi
  •     Doolagahl (Aboriginal Australia)
  •     Doolagarl (Aboriginal Australia)


  • Engeco
  • Esti Capcaki (Siminole Indians) “Tall Man”


  • Ferla Mohair
  • The Fetid Beast
  • Forest Devil
  • Forest Giants
  • Fouke Monster


  • Ge no’sgwa (Seneca Indians) “Stone Coats” or “Stone Giants”
  • Gerendel (Old Danish)
  • Get’qun (Lake Lliamna Indians)
  • Giganto
  • Gigantopithecines blacki
  • Gilyuk Nelchina (Plateau Indians) “Big Man with Little Hat”
  • Gin-sung
  • Grass man (The Ohio Grassman)
  • Gooligah (Aboriginal Australia)
  • Gugu (Sumatra)


  • Hairy Bill (USA, TX)
  • Hairy Giants
  • Hairy Ones
  • Hairy Man, Hairy Woman, or Hairy People
  • “the hairy man (men) who appears as a symptom of disruption” (USA, SD, Lakota)
  • The Hairy People (USA, KY, Leslie County)
  • the Hairy Stinka Boo (USA, southern OH)
  • Heciatomixw (Quinault Indian) “Dangerous Being”
  • Hill Monkeys (OK)
  • Hokou
  • Holla Yella (USA, WV)
  • Holayela (USA, WV and east OH)
  • Hoodoo
  • Hoohoo
  • Honey Island Monster


  • Jacko (Canada, BC)
  • Jimbra (Aboriginal Australia)
  • Jingera (Aboriginal Australia)
  • Jinka
  • The Jungle Man (India)


  • Kakundak (Africa)
  • Kaptat
  • Kecleh-Kudleh (Cherokee Indian) “Hairy Savage”
  • Kikomba
  • King Kong
  • Kohuneje (Maidu Indian Bigfoot)
  • Kushtaka (Tlinglit Indian) “Otter Man”


  • Lariyin (Dogrib and Hare Indians) “Bushman”
  • Lofa (Chickasaw Indian Bigfoot)
  • Long eared Ape


  • Madukarahat (Karok Indians) “Giant”
  • Matlose (w.Canada, Nootkas Tribe)
  • Manabai’wok (Menomini Indian) “The Giants”
  • The Man-Beast
  • Mande Burung (India)
  • Man-Monkey
  • Mannimal
  • Mapinguari
  • Matah Kagmi (Modoc Indian Bigfoot)
  • Maxemista (Cheyenne Indian Bigfoot)
  • Mesingw Lenni (Lenape Indians) “The Mask Being” or “Living Solid Face”
  • Miitiipi (Kawaiisu Indians) “Bad Luck Or Disaster”
  • Mirygdy
  • Mogollon Monster
  • Monkey Man (USA, OK)
  • Momo, Mo Mo (USA, short for ‘Missouri Monster’)


  • Na-Dene – the Cannibal, who eats dead people (USA, )
  • Na’in (Gwich’in Indian Bigfoot) “Brushman”
  • Nakani (Dene Indian Bigfoot)
  • Nant’ina (Tanainaand Dena’ina)
  • Nantiinaq Kenai (Peninsula Indian)
  • Narcoonah
  • Neginla eh (Yukon Indian) “Woodman”
  • Nik’inla’eena’ (Koyukon Indian Bigfoot)
  • Living Neanderthal
  • Nibagon
  • Ngoloko
  • Nguoi rung (Asia)
  • Ngui Rung (Vietnamese)
  • Nolem “Dog Eaters” (USA)
  • Noocoonah (Aboriginal Australia)
  • Nuk-Luk (North America)
  • Nun Yunu Wi (Cherokee Indians) “The Stoneman”
  • Nu’numic (Owens Valley Paiute) “The Giant”
  • Nun Yunu Wi
  • Nyalmo (Asia)


  • Oh-mah (USA, NE)
  • Old Hairy Bill (TX)
  • Old Yellow
  • Old Yellow Top (Canada, Ontario)
  • Old Ones Who Cry
  • Old Ones Who Run At Night
  • Old Skunky Bill (USA, east TX)
  • Omah (Hupa and Yurok) “Boss of the Woods”
  • Opie (USA, TN and NC)
  • Orang Pendek (Oceania, Sumatran)
  • Ot-ne-yar-hed (Iroquoian) “Stonish Giant”


  • Pecos Bill (in the original TX legend he was huge and hairy!)
  • Pongo


  • Quinken (Aboriginal Australia)
  • Qui yihahs (Yakima) “The Five Brothers”


  • Red Eyes (Aboriginal Australia)
  • Rugaru (USA, ND, Ojibway)


  • Sakets (Salishan/Sahptin Indians) “The Giant”
  • Sasquatch, or sε´sq’əč (Halkomelem, A Salishan language, southwest British Columbia)
  • Sc’wen’ey’ti (Spokane Indian) “Tall Burnt Hair”
  • Seatco, the Wicked Giant (n.w. USA, native Nusqually)
  • See’atco (Coast Salish Indians) “One who runs and hides”
  • Seeahtlk (Clallam Indian Bigfoot)
  • Shampe (Choctaw Indian Bigfoot)
  • Siatco (Chehalis Indian Bigfoot)
  • Skanicum (Colville Indians) “Stick Indians”
  • Skookum (Chinook Indian Bigfoot) “Evil God of the Woods”
  • Skukum (Quinault Indian) “Devil of the Forest”
  • Slalakums (Upper Stalo Indians)
  • So’yoko (Hopi Indian)
  • Skunk Ape
  • Skunk Demon
  • Skunky Bill
  • Ste-ye-hah’mah (Yakama Indian Bigfoot) “Spirit Hidden by Woods”
  • Stick Indians (Northwest Coast Bigfeet)
  • Stinkaboo
  • Stink Man
  • St’ Iyahama (USA, OR, Umatilla)
  • Stsomu’lamux (USA, Na Dene)


  • Tah-tah-kle’-ah (NW USA, Yakama and Shasta Indians) “Owl-Woman Monster”
  • Tsadjatko (Quinault Indian) “Giants”
  • Tsek Etinu’s (USA, Na-Dene)
  • Tse’nahaha (Mono Lake Paiute) “Giant”
  • Tsiatko Giants (n.w.USA, native)
  • Taku he (native American, Lakota )
  • Tano Giant (Africa)
  • Teh-Ima (Asia)
  • Tch-lma
  • Tree Men (USA, ID, Coeur d’Alene, and WA, Spokane)
  • Tjandara (Aboriginal Australia)
  • Tha-tha Kla-yah-ma (n.w. USA, Yakama )
  • Thoolagal (Aboriginal Australia)
  • Tomy Knocker
  • Tobi Juan In The Wood (USA, Ark., Tenn.)
  • Toylona (Taos Indian) “Big Person”
  • Tsawane’it Emux (USA, Nadene)
  • Tse’nahaha (USA, Paiute)
  • Tsiatco (Nisquall/Puyallup) “Wild Indians”
  • Tso’apittse (Shoshone Indian) “Cannibal Giant”


  • Ucumar (Latin America)
  • Urayuli (SW Alaskan Eskimo)


  • Weendego (USA, central to north-eastern, Ojibwa)
  • Wendigo (Algonquian, central to north-eastern USA)
  • Wetiko (Cree Indians)
  • Windago (Eastern Athabascan Indian) “Wicked Cannibal”
  • Windego (northern USA)
  • Wetiko (central to north-eastern USA)
  • Wihalaid, the Cannibal Beast (USA, Na-Dene)
  • Windago (central to north-eastern USA)
  • Windikouk (central to the north-eastern USA)
  • Who-Who
  • the Wigidokowok People(n.w. USA, Native)
  • Wildman
  • Wild Man Uncle (n.w. USA, Nehalem)
  • Wild Man Of Borneo
  • Witiko
  • Woods Child (USA, Ohio, 1800s)
  • Woods Booger (southeastern USA)
  • Woods Devils (USA, NH, Coos county)
  • The Woodsman (Athabaskan Indian Bigfoot)
  • Wooly Booger
  • Wsinkhoalican Lenni (Lenape Indian) “The Game Keeper”


  • Yahoo (Australia)
  • Yakaka
  • Yaroma (Aboriginal Australia)
  • Yayaya-ash (Klamath Indian) “The Frightner”
  • Yeahoh (USA, KY, Algonkian)
  • Yellers
  • Yellow Top (Canada, Ontario)
  • Yeren (Chinese)
  • Yeti
  • Yi’dyi’tay (Nehalem Tillamook Indian) “Wildman”
  • Yowie (Australia)
  • Yuuri

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