Coast To Coast Am Talks Black Eyed Kids

C2CAM Interview about Black Eyed Kids
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Coast to Coast AM Talks Black Eyed Kids!

Once again George Noory of Coast to Coast AM has done an interview with author David Weatherly on the subject of Black Eyed Kids (BEK).  It sounds like he has a new book coming out and that the issue of Black Eyed Kids is evolving a little.

Black Eyed Adults?

Report Black Eyed Kid Encounters!

Have you had and experience with the Black Eyed Children? If so, then we want to hear about it. Click on the link below to report your encounter with the Black Eyed Children and help spread the word about this phenomenon.


One thing that comes up in this interview is Black Eyed Adults.  Are these separate entities or are they the adult form of Black Eyed Kids.  That is a tough question as Black Eyed Adults seem more interactive than their younger counterparts.

Are the adults just mature Black Eyed Kids or some other form of demonic possession?

What do you think?  Is there a connection between the two or are they separate phenomena? Post a comment below and let me know what you think!


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  1. I would love for you to put more things up about BEK’s, its really intresting and i would love to hear/see and read more about this.

  2. hi;had many paranormal events,also with my diver and an army friend.i have taken many photos over the years,the 2 weirdest ones are a clear dead face,and my bf.steve was severely attacked with scars,others less so.but one pic I took of his arm scratch ,top right where his face sould be is a red inhuman face with solid black eyes.i still hear a voice now..a lot of ufo events,but I still have no idea whats really going on. they’re on my fb page lisa thanatos,under ghostystuff album.,will try link.

    1. Lisa is there any stories about BETs Black Eyed Teens I’ve heard all kinds of stories about BEAs and BEKs never BETs if you see or read anything on BETs I’d love to hear about it thanks a lot

      Your friend

      1. hi,sorry so long.2 strokes and fell and ended up in burns unit!!! I’d kinda like to see bet/or any of them myself.curiosity is my downfall.i’ve been swamped by paranormal,but still no clue.believe dimensional,seen what me and ken thought was old chap walking toward us in old lane,within feet of us he disappeared.we looked everwhere,.and realised he’d been silent on gravel.

  3. I have a theory of who or what these “Black Eyed Kids” are. This may sound far fetched but no more than the subject itself but If you follow these alien abduction stories the abductee’s say that the aliens remove sperm & female eggs for some hybridization program. The alien grey’s as they are referred to have pale or gray skin & large black eyes and the hybrid children look human with alien features mostly the eyes. Many abdustee’s say that they are abducted multiple times to interact with these hybrid off spring probably to socialize them or let them become familiar with humans. Why would the aliens go through all that effort unless they are having them live among us or need to serve an an intermediary of some sort. Anyway, I think these BEK’s are alien hybrids so until someone comes up with a better explanation I will stick with that one. What do you guys think?

  4. Hey everybody I’ve got a true story about the BEKs or whatever they are. Ok this
    happened to me summer last year and I still remember it like it was yesterday the sun had just sunk below the line of trees and supper was on my two younger brothers had come to spend the weekend with me and I heard this tap tap on the door and since it wasn’t too late I flung the door open and there was a young boy standing there and he said Please sir it’s about to rain and I need a place to ride out the storm and I said my brothers are staying with me but I can let you sleep in my old bear Tex’s old cage and his face lit up like a Christmas tree. he said thank you sir but why not let me sleep with one of your brothers? I said are you Daft or something boy? we don’t believe in letting two men sleep in a single bed we believe in a one man one bed thing here there’s all the things a teenaged boy might need a computer a beanbag chair a bed and a TV in case you want to watch TV before lights out. then I took a whiff of him and asked him if he needed a shower he said Golly gee sir thanks he took his dirty clothes off then set them in the washroom and walked down the hall and he stopped in front of my room and asked me I saw his eyes solid black but instead of being scared I asked him what was wrong? He said nothing he was very polite. He asked me where the bathroom was and I told him to make sure to wash his hair he was wearing a pair of underwear so he wasn’t totally nude He told me his name was Hector and he’d been working on his brother’s car and that’s why his clothes were dirty and I told him to take his time. After the kid had gone into the bathroom my youngest brother John said dude I’m freaking out did that kid have black eyes? or was it a trick of the light? I told him that Hector just needs to spend one lousy night with us it ain’t like he’s here to steal our souls he just needed a place to wait out this storm and come morning he’ll be gone and we might never see him again so we will keep him entertained till morning and 45 minutes later Hector came out of the shower and thick steam rolled out of the bathroom and went back to Tex’s old cage and I went into the cage with him and asked him for his dirty clothes and he handed the pair of Light blue jeans and old gray shirt to me and said that he was an Eastern BEK and that his type was not quite as scary as the ones in the north south or west he also told me his type wasn’t all into getting into a house We are very polite in that regard Hector told me. He sat down in his beanbag chair and pulled out a Bible and asked me about who Jesus was and I told him he was the blessed savor that you see on those beautiful windows in churches. Hector said he’d never been in a church I fell into the bed and said You’ve never been in a church? Hector looked up at me with those big black eyes as if to say he’d like to but was worried about holy water burning him I told him I’ll give you a pair of sunglasses to make you look as normal as possible he shed a tear when I told him that id take him to a church and he slipped into his lightest pair of blue jeans and we went to a Christian Church and the Preacher put his hand on Hector and told me he sensed good in this boy and I showed him that Hector was a BEK The preacher didn’t care he said good is in anyone who believes and Hector told him he believes and the preacher blessed me and Hector and told me God sent you this boy for a reason and that was to make sure I was a true Christian and I fit the mold. After I had returned home Hector’s brother was waiting and he said hector looks like he’s had a good time but he’s got to come home with me and I hope I can allow him to see you again uh what’s your name good sir? I told him The name’s Ace my boy and Hector left me with his old jeans and I put them in a case and that’s what happened during my encounter with the BEKs Hope to hear from all you good people soon

  5. Dude you’re blowing my mind here I can’t believe your story but it sounds more believable than the story of some idiot saying the BEKs tortured him in their world and forced a worm down his throat I think he was on some strong whiskey that night that’s my take on the night in question

    1. Hector folly? this is odd never thought they’d have names like Hector or Fortean How’d they get such strange names usually kids have names like Jed Danny or Matt or Beth or John or Bill Never of too many Hectors or Forteans ah well there’s all kinds. Was the cage big BEKs need a lot of room to move around Did Hector put that chain on his foot cause he was afraid he’d sleepwalk or something? I just don’t know that much about BEKs so the only id know anything about the BEKs would be for me to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth

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