Provo Utah Bigfoot 01/02/19

While loading up their cars, a family spots a Bigfoot lurking in the hills near their home outside of Provo Utah. Luckily they had the presence of mind to film it as it moved around.

Olive Branch, MS Triangular Shaped UFO Captured On Video

Hard To Dispute Footage Of A UFO Over Olive Branch, MS This is an extremely fresh UFO video, shot near Olive Branch, MS.  Filmed by Angela Ashton of Cryptic Shadows Paranormal Research in Feb. 2015, it was immediately uploaded to YouTube. The video shows what appears to be a dark, triangular shaped craft with lights both […]

Megadeth Drummer Nick Menza Videos UFO

July 22nd, 2014 former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza was out shooting video of the moon when he caught a Black Triangle UFO with his camera phone along with one other mysterious object. In the comments to the video shot at his home in Studio City, California. that he posted on YouTube, he writes “”Return to […]

Shiny UFO Filmed Over Milan

Big, Bright And Formless UFO Video What exactly is this UFO filmed over Milan on July 6, 2014?  Is this an alien craft shape changing or something terrestrial? I have my suspicions it is something mundane, but as usual, the video is not quite clear enough to make a positive identification. Amazing footage, and probably […]

Squamish BC Bigfoot Video

The first reaction to seeing a large, black humanoid hiking fast across a snowy mountain top is that it is Bigfoot. I am thinking that is exactly what these two hikers caught on video.

Security Cam Footage of Strange Mist Over House

What is This Strange Mist? YouTube user yfall2010 posted this video on May 17th, 2013 of a strange mist he filmed with his security camera, hovering over his house.  For all intents and purposes, it doesn’t look like any normal vapor cloud, which begs the question of what then is it? In the comments for the […]

Video of Bigfoot Sighting Near Seattle

Is This a Legitimate Bigfoot Video or a Hoax? This Bigfoot video purports to be old footage of a Bigfoot caught on tape back in the 1990s.  Is it a real Bigfoot video or a hoax.  I have watched it a couple times and my opinion is that this is a fake. There are several […]

Unidentified Lights Over Cardwell, AU

The Townsville Bulletin is reporting that local businessman Greg Smith and his son watched a pair of orange lights for 15 minutes and are convinced that what they saw  was some sort of UFO.  Was it?  I am guessing it was probably Chinese lanterns or something of that type. The UFOs in question never change […]

A Recording of Bigfoot Talking

Has Persistent Work Captured Bigfoot Speech? If you have spent any time at all doing research on Bigfoot or watched shows about Bigfoot, you have heard Bigfoot vocalizations or at least approximations of what they sound like.  What you may also have heard mention of is Bigfoot language.  They don’t just scream and yell.  Bigfoots […]

February 2013 Grants Pass Oregon UFO Sighting

What did this Oregon couple film in the skies of Oregon? OK, I would love to say this couple got good footage of a UFO over Oregon, but I am not laying any bets on it.  The couple reports seeing a single bright object that bounced around in the sky.  A quick check shows that […]