Where Do Demons Come From?

The word Demon gets thrown around a lot on ghost hunting shows and in online forums, but the question as to where do  ]demons come from remains unclear. In this post I want to go over my theories on the essential source of demons.  Many times I feel what we call demons are really other negative entities.

Malevolent Ancient Entities

One place where demons come from is ancient spirits that have become malevolent towards humans. These are elemental or nature spirits.  The origins of these entities is debatable, but with humans only occupying a tiny slice of the planet’s history, it is feasible that the energies of the Earth and even the Universe gave rise to these spirits.

While more classic demons are plotting and want our soul, the older entities just hate us and want to do harm, or to suck the life from us directly.  Typically these entities are exceedingly powerful and nearly possible to cast out.  They were here long before us and they will be here long after.

If you have encountered one of these, the best thing you can do is avoid it, cleanse yourself in some fashion and do your best to break any attachments it may have to you.

Classic Demonic Entities

When someone asks where Demons come from, they are most often talking of the classic demons. In the Judeo-Christian  theologies, these are higher entities that for one reason or another, went against God and fell from grace. They are intelligent, malicious and look for opportunities to wreak havoc in the human real.

A short study of the myriad of works written on the classifications of demons shows that opinions differ greatly on the number of greater demons, their types and motivations. I suspect much of the work handed down to us is the product of creative imaginations as it is research.  This is clearly stated by Collin de Plancy when he stated in his book  Dictionnaire Infernal that catalogs 65 different types of demons, “All the catalogues made herebefore are only the fruit of a more or less disordered imagination. Theologians should leave to the poets the depiction of Hell, and not themselves seek to frighten minds with hideous paintings and appalling books”

None the less, it is clear that some of the classic demons do exist. While it is my opinion that true demonic possessions are incredibly rare, it is clear that possessions by named demons do happen from time to time.

Ridding one’s self or a location of a named demon is a difficult and dangerous process. Even the more minor of these creatures has had centuries to consolidate its power and refine the process of destroying humans wills and souls.  That being said, the appropriate spiritual agents can generally cast them out, given the time and willpower.

Malevolent Spirits Becoming Demons

Of all the things people call demons in the day to day, I suspect that most are on a far lower order than the previous two categories. These creatures most likely start out at malevolent ghosts. The residual spirits of people that were corrupt, evil and toxic in life, they didn’t leave the material plane completely.  Stripped of their physical forms, they gather energy, unleashing their anger and malicious intent on the unsuspecting living.

Over time however, the more rational will and memories of being a living person fades away.  This leaves dark, evil spirits that exist only to grow in strength, with no rational reason to do harm, simply wreaking havoc for its own sake and to generate more negative energy for it to feed on.

Once the remnants of human intellect have fully faded and the spirit has collected enough energy, a new form of intellect can start to form and the spirit becomes a demon.  These demons, while not as powerful as the older forms, seek to feed on the energies of the humans they encounter, causing suffering on which to feed.

Alien Sources Of Demons

The last other possible answer to where demons come from is that that they are aliens. In this sense I’m not speaking of the come down in UFOs type aliens, but those that can wriggle through the interdimensional cracks. It is possible that some of these creatures slide into our plane of existence to feed on our energy.  Others may just be tourists, visiting and watching our goings on which could explain some of the shadow people we encounter.

These can prove tricky to deal with as they don’t follow our rules. Luckily they are often tied to one location which leads me to think that some event on our plane must create a rift or weak spot for them to make use of.

Wrapping Up Where Demons Come From

To sum the whole discussion up, as I see it, demons come from ancient energies, malevolent higher entities, evolving negative human ghosts and trans-dimensional parasites.  Of course there are likely to be some other sources, but these in my opinion are the main sources of what we call demons.

It is important to have some knowledge of where malevolent entities come from because that will dictate how to deal with them (if you can.)  My suggestion is however, if you think you are dealing with an actual demon, seek professional help. Attempting to cast out a demon, as opposed to a negative spirit, can have disastrous results.



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