Looking for some gift idea for the Bigfoot fan in your life?

Freshly updated for 2020 is our list of Bigfoot and Sasquatch themed gifts. We have handpicked these to be interesting and fun gifts for birthdays, Christmas or other holidays.

The important part about picking the right Sasquatch gift is that you get something that will make them happy and not insult them if they are really serious about Bigfoot. We think these are all Bigfoot gifts that anyone serious about Bigfoot will love.

1 – Sasquatch Multi-Tool

Sasquatch gift - Bigfoot multitool

A perennial favorite, the Bigfoot Multitool is Bigfoot themed but still incredibly useful. Plus it comes in at under $10 so it is a good inexpensive Bigfoot gift idea.

Bigfoot Multitools on Amazon

2 – Sasquatch T-shirts

Sasquatch Tshirts for gifts

As gifts go, it is hard to go wrong with a Bigfoot/Sasquatch T-shirt. Unless you of course just straight pick the wrong size. Get the size right and you likely will have a winner of a gift.

Bigfoot T-shirts

3 – Bigfoot Fuzzy Slippers

Yeah, they aren’t hardcore, but if the person you are buying presents for has any kind of sense of humor and cold feet, then Bigfoot slippers are an awesome gift.

Bigfoot Slippers on Amazon

4 – Bigfoot Blankets

Not people’s first thoughts when it comes to Bigfoot presents, but there are a good variety of Bigfoot and Sasquatch themed blankets on the market these days. In sizes everywhere from a throw blanket on up. You should check these out!

Shop Bigfoot blankets on Amazon

5 – Sasquatch and Bigfoot Stickers/Decals

Another perennial classic, if they don’t already have one, you are probably good to go. If you are buying for a car be sure to get a color that will show up on glass if that is where they are putting it on.

Bigfoot Stickers on Amazon

6 – Sasquatch and Bigfoot Books

Finding good Bigfoot and Sasquatch books can be really tough, but if you know what to search for, you will find some that your favorite Bigfoot fan will enjoy. Please, whatever you do, don’t buy them Bigfoot erotic fiction, yes that is a thing.

Sasquatch and Bigfoot Books

7 – Emergency Bigfoot Electronic Noisemaker

Completely in the fun category, a Bigfoot noisemaker is a good gift for your Sasquatch believer with a sense of humor. Yes, its only function is to make horribly imitated Bigfoot noises, but that is all it really needs to do to amuse Bigfoot and Sasquatch fans.

Bigfoot Noisemaker