Three Translucent UFOs Over El Cajon, CA

El Cajon UFO Video

What exactly are these three strange objects that were filmed over the skies of El Cajon in California? This video was originally posted on Reddit and the OP claims that the objects were flying against the wind, and from the looks of the video, are moving between the clouds. “They were also flickering in the […]

Debate Over UFO Spotted Over San Antonio Texas

Video of UFO over San Antonio

On January 16th, 2021, a strange and unusual object was spotted in the sky over San Antonio, Texas. The object, which appeared to be a UFO, was seen by multiple witnesses and has left many stumped as to what it could be. According to eyewitnesses, the object was a cluster of bright lights that hovered […]

Jellyfish UFO over Mexico?

shape changing ufo over mexico video cover

A recent video posted to YouTube claims to be footage of a jellyfish UFO flying in the skies over Mexico. A video posted to the Non-Human11 YouTube channel at the end of February 2021 shows an unidentified object drifting through the skies. This has UFO believers up in a debate as to what this object […]

Trump Forces UFO Disclosure in 180 Days

HB 7856 UFO disclosure

The Intelligence Authorization Act For The Fiscal Year 2021 contains an ultimatum for the government to issue a report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) in no less than 180 from the time of signing. If you haven’t heard, slipped into the bills that Trump signed in 2020 is a passage in H.B. 7856 that the […]

Department of Defense organizes a UFO task force

UAPTF UFO investigation announced

After years of working through secret organizations, the US Government has officially announce their investigation into the UFO/UAP phenomenon with the organization of a Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF)

Video: Bell Like UFO Hovering Over Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva UFO cover

A video posted on Jul 20, 2020 by Roi Soleil under the title Weird Thing Ovni, shows what is supposed to be a bell shaped UFO floating in the sky over Lake Geneva Switzerland. The not entirely clear video show a tubular object some are calling a bell, floating in the sky. To me it […]

Mysterious Object Filmed From Jetliner

Sky Squid filmed from airliner

There are strange things that live in our skies. Not all are alien, but they are definitely at the edges of explanation, much like this entity filmed on a flight from Phoenix to Portland. The video below was shot on a flight from Phoenix to Portland in March of 2019. The original video doesn’t offer […]