Woman sexually assaulted by a spirit for two years.

woman sexually assaulted by ghost

Charlene Smith’s haunting started innocuously enough as they often do but steadily grew in intensity, until the point where she was afraid to sleep in her own home. After that, for two years, she was molested by a spirit on a regular basis. Over the course of that time she sought the help of ghost […]

Ghost Cat Caught On Tape

ghost cat video

Can our pets haunt us after they die? Not all ghosts are human. Some are animals. If you talk to very many pet owners, you will find ones that are sure that they have encountered the ghost of at least one of their pets that have passed on. Here is a video that supposedly shows […]

Unexplained music while camping

While camping on a remote island, what would cause out bluetooth speaker to randomly play a burst of music and then go silent? That is the mystery that has us puzzled.

The Haunted Day-Care

haunted daycare tales

A ghost haunts a daycare in Virginia. Opening doors, tossing items from shelves, the spirit of a little boy is looking to play.

Are Ouija Boards Real Ghost Hunting Tools

A photo of the original ouija board

The question of if ouija boards real tools for contacting the dead comes up a lot in the paranormal world. Skeptics say Ouija boards are all fakery with people pushing either consciously or not to get the results they want.  Others will say that ouija boards are very real and can have huge unwanted side […]

Haunted Store – Bair Drug & Hardware In Steilacoom

Haunted drug store in Steilacoom, WA

The Owner Doesn’t Want To Leave The Bair Drug & Hardware Some people are really attached to their work, some so much that they can’t let go of it even in death.  This seems to be the case for W.L. “Cub” Bair. In 1895 “Cub” Bair built his modern pharmacy and hardware in the port […]

Cursed Black Angel of Oakland

Cursed Angel of Oakland

Would You Touch The Cursed Black Angel? In the Oakland Cemetery of Iowa City is a cursed black angel that reportedly kills those that touch it. Looming over a grave in this quiet neighborhood cemetery a blackened black angel stands over a grave.  Like other cursed or haunted items like Robert the Doll, this angel […]

Ghost Hunting Tools

basic ghost hunting tools

The right tools make a night of ghost hunting better. These basic ghost hunting tools will give you your best change of contacting spirits.

5 Signs Your Home Is Haunted

Signs your home is haunted

How Can You Tell If Your Home Is Haunted You move into a new home and something just doesn’t feel right, eventually you begin to wonder if your home is haunted. Are the strange things happening your imagination? Could it be that your home is haunted by a ghost or something worse? Here are 5 […]