Ghost Hunting Tools On Amazon

Check out the ghost hunting tools that you can find on Amazon. These tools will help make your next ghost hunt more productive!

The Best Metal For Dowsing Rods

wire Dowsing rods

Wire dowsing rods are a common way to find water, minerals or other underground items. The question many people have is what is the best metal to make wire dowsing rods from. Dowsing rods can be made of any metal or even wood. Most commonly though, wire dowsing rods are made of copper or steel. […]

Wizard Rock Vanishes Then Reappears

Wizard Rock that disappeared then reappeared

Wizard Rock, a one ton boulder that graced the Prescott National Forest in Arizona first disappeared mysteriously the just as puzzling, reappeared.

Strange Electrical Fog in Yellowstone Park

Swan Lake Electrical Fog

September 1949 – A man witnesses a strange blue pool of electrical energy moving through a valley in Yellowstone National Park. He watches as it flows all around him then off into the distance.

15 Free Paranormal Podcasts

free paranormal podcasts

Our hand picked selection of 15 free paranormal podcasts that we think are a must-listen. Bigfoot talk shows, podcasts discussing aliens and much more!

Review Of

A review of the site

An Honest Review Of When I first heard that the people that do C2C had put together a dating site I was hoping for the best. Honestly, it was a project that I’d considered quite some time ago, but other projects took precedent. This weekend I decided to check out the site and do […]

11,000 Shigir Idol Predates The Pyramids And Changes History

Shigir Idol

Some findings break the rules of what we consider history.  Recent testing of the Shigir Idol, a wooden statue found in 1894 in a peat bog near the Russian city of Yekaterinburg is re-writing history. It is also reminding us that there is much we don’t know about our past. The 5 meter wood statue is […]

Is The Show Haunted Finders Real?

Is Haunted Finders real?

With the plethora of ghost hunting shows popping up, it is hard to tell what is real and what isn’t. Today we got done watching the first episode, we were wondering is the show Haunted Finders real? The show has been around a few years and is hosted by Tom Buckmaster and has been around […]

Objects Appearing From Nowhere

How Do Objects Just Appear Out Of Nowhere? Many of us have had objects disappear from under our noses, but usually it is just us forgetting that we put things down in the wrong spot. Other times, things appear that just shouldn’t be there. in these cases, this phenomenon, referred officially to as apports, is much […]

1905 – Athens Ohio Giant Skeletons

giant Indian skeletons

Giant Skeleton Burial Mounds Once Dotted The American Landscape Before the evidence of giant skeletons in America was covered up, stories like these from Athens, Ohio were a regular occurrence.   One story that highlights how matter of fact the occurrences were was published in the July 5th, 1970 issue of the The Messenger from […]