Thoughts on White Shadow People

White Shadow People

I have talked a lot about Shadow People on this site and for all their darkness and malevolence, there seems to be a counterbalance to them, White Shadow People. While the reports of White Shadow People are very rare, they seem to be far less frightening to people that encounter them. In fact, the crew […]

How to get rid of shadow people

Tips on how to get rid of Shadow People

You wake up and there is a tall, black mass standing in the doorway. Your lungs tighten, your heart begins to race. “What is it?” races through your mind. You try to logic it away as just a trick of the light, but then you realize it has eyes and is looking at YOU. Panicking, […]

How To Protect Yourself From Shadow People And The Hat Man

tips on protecting yourself from shadow people

If you have seen one, you are likely wondering how to protect yourself from shadow people and The Hat Man. While there are no definitive steps for protecting yourself from all types of shadow people, there are some general things you can do to deter them from bothering you. The first thing to do is […]