The Berkeley Mystery Walls

View of the East Bay Walls

All across the world, there is evidence that there is a lot of history that we don’t know all of the details about or are purely guessing at. Not all of this evidence is in far flung lands that require expeditions deep into a jungle or across a desert. In fact you can find evidence […]

Pythian Castle Ghosts and hauntings

Haunted Pythian Castle in Missouri

The Pythian Castle in Missouri is one of the most haunted places you can hope to ever visit. Strange sounds, objects moving and even shadows and ghosts can all be seen here.

Haunted Store – Bair Drug & Hardware In Steilacoom

Haunted drug store in Steilacoom, WA

The Owner Doesn’t Want To Leave The Bair Drug & Hardware Some people are really attached to their work, some so much that they can’t let go of it even in death.  This seems to be the case for W.L. “Cub” Bair. In 1895 “Cub” Bair built his modern pharmacy and hardware in the port […]

1,300-Year-Old Por Bajin Mystery Structure In Siberia Baffles Experts

Por Bajin Mystery

On and island in a lake, deep in the Siberian permafrost covered wastelands stands a large complex. Who build it, why and what its purpose was is at the heart of the Por Bajin Mystery. Por Bajin is one of the most mysterious and enigmatic archaeological sites in Russia. An ancient complex engulfing a small […]

Lizard People That Lived Under Modern Day Los Angeles

Los Angeles Lizard People Tunnels Article

1935 Newspaper Report Covers Missing Tribe Of Lizard People That Lived Under Present Day Los Angeles A report from the January 29th, 1935 Los Angeles Times explains how a lost civilization once lived in tunnels under what is now modern day Los Angeles.  Warren Shufelt claimed that he had discovered by use of a device he […]

An Underground Base Under The San Gabriel Mountains?

A Secret Underground Base Under The San Gabriel Mountains This week, some people cheered and others booed as Obama signed off on creating the San Gabriel Mountain National Monument.  While most of the debate has been over access to the area, what restoration work will be done and so on, my question has been much […]

Is Los Roques the New Bermuda Triangle

The disappearance of Missoni’s plane sparks new Bermuda Triangle fears! On January 4th, 2013 world famous fashion designer Vittorio Missoni, his wife, two friends, and two pilots took off from the Los Roques islands in a BN2 Islander  followed close behind by his friend Enrique Rada, whose Cessna 402 took off after them.  Minutes into […]