Looking for a free PDF download of The Black Eyed Children by David Weatherly? Sure, no problem! Easy as pie, just Google “David Weatherly Black Eyed Children free PDF download” and you find lots of results.

There is only one problem with that. David has not put any of his books up for free anywhere. All of these sites claiming to have free downloads are ripping you off, scamming you or otherwise out to cause you grief. The most common results all redirect you to Elib.press.

A quick search about the site and I find that it has trust rating of zero. I’m not sure why they have hundreds of fake listings for downloads pointing to them, but I’ll pass on finding out why.

Don’t visit Elib.press

I did find one actual PDF download of The Black Eyed Children and tentatively opened it up.

The Black Eyed Children Free PDF Download

All it was, was a couple of shots of the book cover, a few keywords to rank in Google and links to back to the infamous Elib.press. So it is just more click bait.

The Black Eyed Children on Amazon

It used to be that the only copies of The Black Eyed Children on Amazon were listed by people reselling “used” copies for exorbitant prices. You don’t need to pay $80 for a copy of this book.

David has finally gotten his books up on Amazon and you can order a copy of The Black Eyed Children 2nd Edition there.