review of Sasquatch Among Wildmen

Review of Sasquatch Among Wildmen

Year Released:
Directed by: Darcy Weir
Darcy Weir's follow up to Unwonted Sasquatch, this documentary looks at the massive number of wildmen sightings worldwide and how they relate to Bigfoot.

The follow up to Darcy Weir’s popular Bigfoot documentary, The Unwonted Sasquatch, this movie does a relatively good job of bringing some new light on the existence of Bigfoot.

The movie has some good commentary from Dr. Meldrum, the Bigfoot footprint expert, some interesting videos from Russia and Asia that I had never seen, and then some interviews with members of the Olympic Project.

The early premise of this movie is that the many accounts of wildmen across the planet are all some variation of a Bigfoot species and likely a relative of humans. As I mentioned, the movie makes use of some footage and eye witness testimony from outside the USA that is definitely interesting.

One thing that Weir does in Sasquatch Among Wildmen that I truly appreciate is debunk a couple of videos and make it clear that some “true Bigfoot videos” are indeed fakes. For me, in any kind of research, some level of skepticism is critical.

After delving into the foreign “wildmen” encounters, the movie breaks about halfway through into interviews with Olympic project and their findings on the Olympic Peninsula. In particular, they talk about nesting sites and some of the sounds they have recorded.

While this jump feels like a bit of a departure from idea of tying wildman sightings to Bigfoot, and comes across as a bit disjointed, the information is very interesting. On top of their personal sightings, the descriptions of carefully crafted nesting sites is particularly interesting.

One item they bring up is that they did genetic testing on soil samples taken from these sites and primate DNA was discovered. Unfortunately, the lab doing the testing assumed that it must be contamination from a human source. As Dr. Meldrum points out, our DNA is only 3% different from chimpanzees, so they very well could have sampled Bigfoot DNA, but the lab didn’t do sufficient testing to show conclusively whether this was a unique DNA sequence or human contamination.

Wrapping up this review of Sasquatch Among Wildmen, I would have to say that it is worth the time to watch. There isn’t anything ground breaking in it, but there are some intriguing bits of evidence and interesting video that is worth watching.