seaside lovecraft poem

Disclaimer: The following story, unlike the rest of our site, is a work of fiction. Please enjoy! 

Siren Song to the Abyss

The city’s maw grinds ever harsh and loud,
Its steel and stone choke out the soul’s faint cries.
Each towering form, a monument to doubt,
Where dreams are crushed beneath a concrete guise.

Exhaust fumes choke the air, a sickly shroud,
Honking horns and sirens pierce the day.
Faces etched with worry, lost in the crowd,
No solace found in this soulless display.

My spirit yearns for solace, craves a space
Where stars still glitter, untouched by city’s blight.
A yearning whispers, carried on the breeze’s trace,
Of ocean’s vastness, bathed in moonlit light.

Salt-licked timbers creak a mournful song,
A symphony of waves against the sand.
I reach the haven, built where shadows throng,
A weathered shack upon a barren strand.
No city clamor, just the gulls’ shrill cry,
No deadlines’ bite, no faces etched with strain.
Here, windblown sigh and ocean’s lullaby
Erase the scars of life’s relentless chain.

The sun bleeds gold across the water’s crest,
Painting the waves in hues of amber fire.
Here, worries drown, anxieties find rest,
In vastness where my soul can rise and climb.

The sun descends, igniting skies aflame,
Painting the waves in hues of amber fire.
But as the light wanes, whispers turn to shame,
The ocean’s song a low, unsettling choir.

A subtle tremor runs through wind’s soft game,
And twilight paints the vastness shades of grey.
Once a haven, the endlessness now holds me tame,
Hinting at secrets it should keep at bay.

Beneath the surface, unseen currents shift,
A presence felt, a shadow in the deep.
The cabin’s warmth, a haven, strong and swift,
Calls me away, a lullaby to keep.

Footprints fade in sand as salty air I breathe,
Leaving the vastness, its secrets close behind.
Though peace was found, a question seeds and weaves,
For the Pacific’s heart holds mysteries intertwined.

I reach the trail, begin the climb toward home,
Each labored step a victory hard-won.
Yet, with each turn, a chill my soul does roam,
As distant waves whisper a haunting monotone.

The cabin’s warmth, once solace, now seems dim,
Haunted by shadows cast by sunset’s glow.
The ocean’s murmur, once a playful hymn,
Now carries whispers of secrets I shouldn’t know.

Though day’s bright joy still flickers in my breast,
A creeping dread takes root within my mind.
The tranquil haven where I sought true rest
Now holds a question mark, a fear I cannot leave behind.

Sleep’s gentle hand first strokes a peaceful scene,
A moonlit ocean bathed in silver sheen.
Visions unfold, serene and strangely grand,
Of coral castles built by an unknown hand.

Giant shapes glide by, ethereal and vast,
More creatures of the mist than flesh ever cast.
They whisper, yes, but only soothing song,
A lullaby that lingers when I wake, all strong.

Days pass, and slumber paints a different hue,
The same vast waters, but the dream less true.
Those graceful forms now writhe in shadows deep,
And whispers shift, secrets they seem to keep.

Coral castles crumble, swallowed by the tide,
Leviathan forms with eyes that cannot hide.
Their whispers pierce, a chorus dark and cold,
Words twist in dreams, stories yet untold.

I wake with unease, sunlight’s touch in vain,
Those chilling whispers echoing in my brain.
“Just echoes,” I say, pushing sleep away,
But shadows linger, doubt creeps in to stay.

Nights deepen, dreams descend further still,
The ocean’s heart now harbors chilling trill.
Ancient cities, silent, black and vast,
Leviathans stir, slumber broken fast.

Their voices boom, a symphony of dread,
Tentacles reach out, pulling from my bed.
Terror grips me, sleep becomes a snare,
The ocean’s whispers scream of things that aren’t there.

Now, sleep’s dark door creaks open wide and slow,
A beckoning embrace I cannot forego.
For in the depths, where nightmares truly bloom,
Lies a truth whispered, hidden within the gloom.

I wake bathed in cold sweat, heart a frantic drum,
The room creaks around me, a mournful, lonely hum.
Each crashing wave echoes like a whispered plea,
Fueling the fear that gnaws incessantly.

Daylight offers no solace, only muted blue,
Where sunbeams once danced, despair paints anew.
The shores wear a haunted smile beneath the sun,
And moonlit nights hold terrors none can outrun.

The yearning for a voice, a human sound,
To pierce the silence that wraps me all around.
But no phone’s shrill ring pierces the air,
No solace found in digital flare.

No TV casts flickers on the weathered wall,
No faces smile, no stories enthrall.
Isolation bites, a chilling, numbing claw,
As dreamscape visions bleed into waking law.

The ocean’s song, once soothing, now swells and grows,
A siren’s call that whispers, “Leave all you know.”
It promises answers, secrets yet untold,
A truth unveiled in the darkness, cold.

The silence screams, a deafening roar,
As sanity slips, pushed to the ocean’s shore.
The longing for connection, a desperate plea,
But only the waves and whispers answer me.

Oh, for a touch, a word, a hand to hold,
To break this silence, shatter its mold.
But the world shrinks, walls closing in fast,
Only the vast abyss waits, beckoning at last.

No internet hum, no satellite’s eye,
Only the moon and stars paint the vast night sky.
The cabin, a sanctuary turned lonely cell,
And the ocean’s whispers weave their chilling spell.

The ocean’s call, once soothing as a sigh,
Now twists and warps into a siren’s cry.
It claws at me, a maddening, urgent song,
Luring me closer to where terrors throng.

Fear fades, replaced by madness, cold and vast,
A twisted yearning pulls me towards the fast.
Salty air grows thick, its tang a lie,
Whispering secrets no mortal tongue can pry.

Days crawl, sunlit hours a mocking show,
Where once I found solace, only shadows grow.
No phone’s shrill shriek, no screen’s flickering light,
To anchor me to normalcy’s fading might.

TV’s silence mocks, a vacant, empty gaze,
No laughter rings, no human voice displays.
Isolation bites, a cold and numbing claw,
As dreamscape visions bleed into waking law.

Night falls, a shroud that smothers every star,
And sleep’s dark door becomes a torture scar.
So I walk the shore, beneath the moon’s pale glow,
Seeking solace where the churning waters flow.

Each crashing wave, a whispered, chilling plea,
Each foamy crest, a beckoning hand I see.
No longer fear, but dread, a growing tide,
Pulls me closer, where secrets wait to hide.

The thing within the ocean, unseen, vast,
Calls with a voice that echoes in the blast.
I know the risk, the madness in my quest,
But madness beckons, promising sweet rest.

The world I knew recedes, a fading dream,
As towards the abyss, my footsteps stream.
Will dawn find me lost, swallowed by the night,
Or bathed in truth, beneath the moon’s cold light?

No solace found in stars, no comfort in the breeze,
The ocean’s call rings ever louder, through the trees.
It chants my name, a melody so deep,
That reason crumbles, leaving me to sleep

In dreams of darkness, where leviathans rise,
Their inky forms reflect in starless skies.
Their voices boom, a symphony of old,
Whispering secrets, mysteries untold.

The pull grows stronger, an unseen hand’s caress,
Dragging me closer to the vast abyss. I fight,
I struggle, cling to sanity’s fray,
But the ocean’s song steals reason’s light away.

No phone’s shrill ring, no screens to dull the night,
Just crashing waves and moon’s ethereal light.
Isolation’s grip tightens, cold and stark,
My only solace now, the ocean’s mark.

I write these words, a message in the sand,
A final whisper, lost, but understand.
No god or fiend, no earthly lure or whim,
Just echoes deep, calling me within.

For in the depths, where shadows twist and crawl,
Something stirs, a truth beyond recall.
I cannot bear the weight of its untold grace,
So I surrender, seek solace in its embrace.

Forgive my madness, forgive this final flight,
The ocean sings, and I must join the night.
No longer mortal, adrift upon the foam,
Lost in the darkness, I find my final home.

The moon, a heavy teardrop in the night,
Reflects upon the words I write.
My soul, unmoored, seeks solace in the tide,
Where whispers promise what secrets may hide.

The ocean’s song, once lullaby, now roars,
A monstrous chorus crashing on the shores.
This note, a message tossed upon the sand,
A final echo they may understand.

The wind sings secrets, chills me to the bone,
The waves’ white crests beckon, I am not alone.
Leviathan stirs, an unseen, vast embrace,
And terror mingles with a morbid grace.

With trembling steps, I meet the moonlit foam,
This note my farewell, my final earthly home.
No turning back, the depths call, promising release,
A desperate quest for solace, for inner peace.

But know this, dear ones, if you search for why,
This note’s not meant for secrets in the sky.
It speaks of yearnings that words cannot convey,
A truth unspoken, that leads me on my way.

Your love, a lighthouse in the darkest night,
But some truths only drown in endless light.
So let me go, where mysteries unfold,
A story in the deep, waiting to be told.

Forgive my absence, and the tears you’ll cry,
This final message speaks the reason why.
The ocean beckons, a whisper and a roar,
And I must answer, forevermore.

So let the tides sing their chilling, mournful song,
For here I go, where I no longer belong.
No compass guides, no starlights pierce the night,
Only the abyss, and secrets held in tight.

This is my journey, and this is my choice,
The ocean calls, with a haunting, silent voice.
And as I fold this note, with a final tear,
Farewell, dear world, for the unknown lies near.

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