Mermaids In The Susquehanna

Today’s newletter has me realizing how long it has been since I’ve gone fishing. What prompts this thought you ask? In the Deep Dive section today, we take a look at sightings of a mermaid in the Susquehanna River. You can see some strange things our fishing in the early morning…

In this issue:

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson punts on the subject of UFOs
  • The 400 year old grave of a possible vampire 
  • Chupacabra’s ubilical cord?
  • Reports of mermaids in the Susquehanna River

🛸 When asked what he thinks about existence of aliens and UFOs in a recent news interview, Neil DeGrasse Tyson did his best not to give a firm answer on whether we are being visited by aliens from another planet. Is he really uncommitted on the subject or is he just protecting his brand asset? 

🧛‍♀️ The 400 year old grave of a suspected vampire was unearthed in Poland recently. When archaeologists opened the grave, they found the body of a 5-7 year old child that had been buried face down with a padlock on its ankle. One can’t be too careful I guess.  

👹 People were calling it a Chupacabra’s umbilical cord, but the jury is still out on a piece of a creature washed up on a Texas beach.  3-4 feet long, and creamy white, this piece of whatever it was, is leaving people scratching their heads. 

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Deep Dive

Mermaids in Pennsylvania

Could there actually have been mermaids in the Susquehanna River or Pennsylvania? At least two fishermen have claimed to have seen mermaids while fishing? Did they really see mermaids or are these just fish-tales? While both of these sightings took place in the late 1800s, it does make me wonder what is still swimming in those dark waters that we know so little about. 

Video Of The Week

UFO Sightings In Missouri

Piedmont Missouri is celebrating 50 years of UFO and its designation as the UFO capital of the state. For half a century, residents of this small town have been seeing strange things in their skies, and claim that it is still going on today! 

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