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Mothman Poem

Here is a little poem that I whipped up for all of you that love Mothman and everything to do with that mysterious entity.

Flutter flutter, Mothman’s flight,
Through the night, it soars so high.
Its wings of black, spread wide and bright,
Its eyes aglow, with an eerie sight.

Some say it’s a sign, of trouble ahead,
Others view it as an enigma.
But all concur, that its journey’s begun,
And its appearance, brings a sense of dread.

So flutter flutter, Mothman’s might,
In the night sky, it takes its flight.
Its legend lives, as a cryptic sight,
A strange and eerie, creature of the night.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any paranormal-related poetry you would like us to feature, just let me know!

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