1. Janene Tomlin Henkes
    March 26, 2018 @ 5:05 pm

    Ok on March 24, 2018 me and my husband watched Demon House, we were at the part where he took the daughter back to the home where her mother grew up and lived with the demon. Well I fell asleep and I dreamed of this women sleep walking and she woke up standing in front of me I asked her what she dreamed of she said something was stabbing her now keep in mind I am dreaming this so in my dream I turned around walked into this living room and I looked up onto the metal railing going up on the stairs and there was this beautiful white dress hanging there I reached up to get it and it moved up away from me so I climbed higher onto the railing and as I was going to grab it something grabbed me. I started screaming for my husband Sean he couldn’t hear me so I’m kicking the wall and railing from where I was hanging this thing that had me was trying to take me upstairs. Anyway Sean got to me and took me down as he got me on the floor something knocked him out. I knew in my heart it took him so I started to say ( Our Father) prayer and in my right ear I heard this strange hissing sound.
    My husband Sean woke me he saw that I was struggling in my sleep. I woke up scared and freaked out. A few minutes later I finished the movie Demon House and towards the end where Zac was in the room on the bed you could hear that hissing strange sound that he recorded well it was the exactly the same sound in my ear in my dream .


  2. Janene Tomlin Henkes
    March 26, 2018 @ 5:08 pm

    This was not a complaint or a statement just something that happened to me when I watched Demon House….


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