Russian toothed wheel object out of time.

Russian 300 Million-Year-Old UFO Tooth-Wheel

The story is that a man found a strange piece of metal in a lump of coal in Russia, and it was dated to be 300 million years old. But what really was the UFO tooth wheel of Russia. Was this object out of time (OOT) a piece of an alien UFO? An object out of time made by a prior civilization, a mistaken identification, or just a plain old hoax.

The Russian UFO toothed-wheel is an enigmatic OOT artifact discovered within ancient coal, igniting speculation among paranormal researchers. This mysterious find may represent either an advanced prehistoric civilization’s handiwork or a testament to extraterrestrial technology.

The Origin Of The UFO Tooth-Wheel Story

As the story goes, according to the oldest archived version of the story that I could find for this story from, this whole story started when a man named Dmitry was adding coal to his stove. It was winter in Vladivostok and Dmitry had ordered coal for his fire. While adding fuel to the stove, he noticed something resembling a rod or rail embedded in a piece of coal.

Unsure of what the object was or what to do with it, he contacted Valery Dvuzhilny, a renowned local biologist and anomalous phenomena researcher.

OOT Russian Toothed Wheel
Russian Toothed Wheel Embedded in Coal

Analysis Of The Russian Toothed Wheel

After examining the find, Dvuzhilny initially thought it could be a petrified branch or ore mineral. They agreed to partially process the rod and take micro-samples for analysis. Upon breaking the lump of coal open they extracted an irregularly shaped, 7-centimeter long toothed rod.

The coal containing the rod was determined to have come from the Chernogorsk deposit in Khakassia, estimated to be around 300 million years old. They wondered if the metal part was also that old, and if so, who could have created such a toothed component during that time?

The rail had an irregular triangular cross-section and a strange tooth pattern. X-ray diffraction analysis revealed it was made of very pure aluminum with only 2-4% magnesium micro-impurities. This was unusual, as most aluminum used by humans is alloyed with other elements.

The rod’s survival was attributed to aluminum’s protective oxide film and the lack of oxygen in the coal. The high purity of the aluminum suggested advanced production technology. Furthermore, the material contained 28-75% carbon, which was unexpected since aluminum production usually involves an electrothermal method. This finding supported the age of the part, estimated to be 300 million years old.

The presence of carbon and the rail’s gear-like appearance puzzled scientists, as aluminum is generally not used for gears due to its softness and wear. They questioned whether the aluminum was of terrestrial or extraterrestrial origin, as extraterrestrial aluminum-26 decays into magnesium-26.

Russian toothed wheel

What Is The Origin Of This Russian Object Out Of Time?

Dmitry’s discovery raises questions about whether the rail is a remnant of an ancient, advanced civilization or possibly an extraterrestrial artifact. Most people want to debunk the UFO Toothed-Wheel as a hoax, or a misidentified object. To date though, as far as I have heard, no one has come forward with any definitive proof as to what the Russian UFO toothed-wheel is, so it remains a mystery.

My Personal Theory On The UFO Toothed-Wheel

The easiest way to explain away the toothed wheel is that it is a piece off of the equipment that was used to mine or transport the coal, but this isn’t likely as aluminum can cause sparks if it hits rust, which is a bad thing to do in the presence of coal dust.

A UFO explanation for this toothed wheel is also highly unlikely. The odds of a random UFO crashing 300 million years ago into a swam and us finding a small piece of it seems unlikely. If we still had access to the original sample, we could test it further to see if it is terrestrial or not, but we don’t.

My suspicion is that it is a piece of machinery from a prior civilization. It is unlikely that it is part of a wheel, but it could be part of some extremely ancient machine. I firmly believe that our civilization is not the first to walk this world, and OOT items like this are evidence of that.

What Do You Think This OOT Is?

If you have some information on this OOT or a theory on what this ancient artifact it, please leave a comment or send me an email and let me know.

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