Bigfoot Murders – Bigfoot Killed Trapper In Idaho

Old Story Of A Bigfoot Murdering A Trapper In Idaho Here is a video from Kelly Shaw of the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization  who recently traveled to Idaho to the location of what for all intense and purposes, is the site of where a Bigfoot murdered a trapper back in the early 1800s.  The story […]

Mystery Booms in Twin Falls Idaho

Being born and raised in northern Idaho, stories from there always catch my eye.  When the story of a mysterious and unexplained booming sound happening in Twin Falls Idaho hit my desk a while back, I had to follow up on it.  The original news story had this to say: Just before 8:30pm, September 23, […]

3 Toed Cryptid Footprints

What Cryptid Makes a Three Toed Footprint? One of my earliest paranormal type experiences was finding very distinct 3 toed footprints in the soft dirt as a child. To give you some back story, I grew up on ~640 acres in North Idaho.  and wandered the woods and roads through it all the time.  So […]