Mystery Booms in Twin Falls Idaho

twin falls Idaho mystery booms
What are the mysterious booming sounds that keep happening over Twin Falls Idaho?

Being born and raised in northern Idaho, stories from there always catch my eye.  When the story of a mysterious and unexplained booming sound happening in Twin Falls Idaho hit my desk a while back, I had to follow up on it.  The original news story had this to say:

Just before 8:30pm, September 23, Facebook and Twitter blew up with reports from all over the Magic Valley of hearing and feeling a “quake” or a “rumble.”  Many posts that I read claim their windows shook, doors rattled and some of you said your pets were freaking out just before you felt it.

Now at first glance, this seems pretty unspectacular.  The lights in the sky and the booming noises all seem like a meteor blowing up at a high altitude, similar to what I suspect was going on with the booming noises in the Spokane Valley.

But then I started digging and more articles came up reporting similar events over the past few years.  Back in April of 2013 booming noises were also heard disturbing citizens and leaving them confused as to the source of the sound.

Samantha Thiara, Twin Falls resident. “It’s annoying and I actually do feel like the windows are going to break so I kind of get mad. And it upsets my dogs a lot.

There were no earthquakes reported in either event, and while the air force bombing range was initially fingered as the source of the noise, that idea was quickly swept aside.

Schmidt of the Mountain Home Air Force base said in regards to sonic booms being to blame, “We’re probably not the culprits that are causing this. The sonic boom is a very quick impulse noise that happens on a millisecond timeframe. The rumblings I heard were longer in duration and really would be hard to attach an aviation perspective to that.”

Actual bomb detonations were also considered but Pilot Randy Webb stated that they do not use live explosives during training exercises.  At Mountain Home.  “No explosives, only steel and concrete to replicate other weapons. All the live drops happen in Utah or Las Vegas.”

One other instance of mystery booms over Twin Falls happened in December or 2010.  So what is happening out there?

It seems unlikely that Twin Falls would be a magnet for meteors detonating, but what other explanation could it be?

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