1st Annual Sasquatch Symposium At The Point Casino

2018 Sasquatch Symposium Report

In an overly air conditioned an interesting array of nearly 200 came to watch 6 speakers talk about the most famous cryptid of them all at the 2018 Sasquatch Symposium. Sunday August 5th at the Point Casino outside Kingston, WA  Patrick Lauerman brought together Pat Neal, Rich Germeau, Judy Carroll, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Ron Morehead, […]

Woman Sees Alien In Video Chat

Did A Woman Catch An Alien On Her Webcam? A woman was doing a video chat with her friend when they noticed in the background, a strange alien looking figure. Now they are looking for answers. The event took place in June of 2016 near Ellensburg, WA and was reported to MUFON.  It is now case […]

Batsquatch the cryptid – Everything you need to know

Not to be confused with Batsquatch the IPA, Batsquatch the cryptid is an enduring mystery, with reports of this flying humanoid still trickling in. Batsquatch is a cryptid flying humanoid creature that is said to closely resemble a Bigfoot in stature, but with the addition of bat-like wings and with the ability to fly. Common […]

Battle in Ape Canyon

Fred Beck, one of the miners, claimed they shot and possibly killed at least one of the creatures. The death resulted in an attack on the miners’ cabin.