Have You Had an Encounter With the Black Eyed Kids?

Hundreds of people each year encounter Black Eyed Kids and we want all the reports!  Use the form below to report Black Eyed Kids encounters.

Please include as much information as possible.

If you have had an encounter with a Black Eyed Kid, please let us know about it in the form below. Include as many details as you can remember.

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Your stories may be included on this sites as well in upcoming books about the Black Eyed Kids.  Sharing your experience helps researchers as well as other people that have encountered them!

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  1. I found a whole family of them.. the stare is overwhelming, and the instincts are to charge them.. They are godless and attempt to come into your mind and take it over all the while stealing all that is holy from you and your family .. While my experience is light compared to others.. This family clearly has some new dna twist and stare they turn on to intimidate get whatever it is they want… so it looks like a dna hack that has brought them to us and I suspect summerian influence here .. but i have no idea except they are demons from hell godless and will take all you have if you let them in .. just politely tell them i am sorry i cannot help you then go pray that God will bind them..

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