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What are Black Eyed Kids

Starting from one well-publicized report of Black Eyed Children by Brian Bethel back in the late 90s, more are more reports of creepy children have started rolling in. This has many people looking for the answer as to what are Black Eyed Kids. 

In short, Black Eyed Kids or alternately Black Eyed Children, are entities of unknown origin that approach individuals and request or demand entry into their homes or vehicles. They appear as children, usually ranging from ages of about 8 to late teens and the defining physical characteristic is that their eyes are solid black with no white showing. What Black Eyed Children want is open to debate, but it is likely not good. Below is some history on BEK sightings and reports on encounters people have had with them.

History of Black Eyed Children

Anecdotal reports of encounters that may have been Black Eyed Kids have been found going back over a hundred years. The first solid modern report of a true Black Eyed Kid encounter is that of Brian Bethel’s

His account of meeting Black Eyed Children outside a movie theater has been reposted countless times across the internet. 

Black Eyed Kids

Description of Black Eyed Kids

While the details of individual Black Eyed Children encounters vary, there are some general commonalities. These are what we use in classifying encounters with entities between a BEK encounter and say a Shadow Person

  • Group of 2-4 individuals
  • Appear to be between 8 years old and late teens
  • Wear clothes that are outdated or wrong for the season
  • Speak oddly as if it isn’t their native language
  • Very demanding and pushy
  • Request entry into a home/car/life in some way
  • Appear and disappear without explanation
  • Often exhibit psychic powers
  • Can disrupt/affect electrical devices
  • Have an aura that scares/disturbs animals

I saw her jet black eyes and a feeling of terror that’s absolutely indescribable swept over my body

From Justin’s encounter with BEK

What do Black Eyed Kids want

What exactly BEKs want is hotly contested. It is clear that want permission to enter our lives in some way, but to what end? There are occasional reports of people that have let them in and lived, but they are rare and in those cases the people usually fled shortly after letting them in. 

There is one account where a couple let the children in and let them stay until what was ostensibly their “parents” arrived to pick them up. While nothing directly happened, they attribute a series of bad events to their encounter including the husband getting cancer. 

What are Black Eyed Kids

Unlike many paranormal phenomenon, Black Eyed Children encounters leave us wondering not just why they are there and what they want, but what exactly are they? Here are a few of the more common ideas as to what are Black Eyed Kids and where do they come from. 


Because they seem to need  permission to gain entry into our lives in some way, one theory is that these are demonic entities. The act of asking to be let into a house or car is very reminiscent of needing to invite a vampire into your home before it can enter. 

Perhaps in some way these creatures need to gain some sort of entry into our energy before they can do whatever they need to. In any case, encounters with BEKs always has negative consequences of some sort. Sickness, accidents and so on are common after even brushes with them. 

Alien Hybrids

Possibly because Black Eyed Kids have solid black eyes and because Grey Aliens are reported to have solid black eyes, some people think that BEKs might be some sort of alien-human hybrid. 

This could account for their psychic abilities, difficulty with our speech and of course their eyes. It doesn’t explain their motive though. What would they gain by causing harm to human’s lives?

Another tie to the alien and UFO phenomenon is that the out of place clothing, unusual speech patterns and ability to be places they shouldn’t be and then disappear quickly echos much of what we hear of Men in Black which are thought to possibly be alien operatives of some sort. Supporting this is in the case where the couple let the kids in, the parents that they called to pick them up were a couple of men in suits. 

The men looked like they were wearing black colored suits and were very tall, at least 6 feet. When my husband waved at them they just stared at us, got into the car, and drove off.

Account of men picking up some Black Eyed Kids

Something else

There is a chance that Black Eyed Kids are something completely unique, or an entity that we can’t classify. The odd mix of traits, need for entry and the resulting damage to people’s lives is incredibly unique. 

We know they are solid entities unlike Shadow People, and ghosts. We also know that they don’t appear in homes uninvited like ghosts or demons. 

This leaves us with the option that these are something entirely unique. 

Encounters with Black Eyed Kids

Here is a list of encounters with Black Eyed Children that should put some chill in your bones.

Final thoughts on BEK

Most people write Black Eyed Kids off as creepypasta and fun scary stories to read. We at get a steady stream of people that report seeing scary things that they think are Black Eyed Kids. Most are likely something else, but some definitely fit the profile for BEKs. 

While it is reasonable that some or even most of what people report is fiction, the reality is that it is unlikely that all of them are fabrications. That leaves us with the reality that, while rare, there are children in odd clothes, with jet black eyes stalking us. 

Have you encountered Black Eyed Children?

If you have encountered something strange and think it might have been Black Eyed Children, let us know about it. 

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