Mogollon Monster of Arizona

A Bigfoot type creature lurks in what seems an unlikely place, the wilds of Arizona. As odd as it may be, many people have reported seeing the Mogollon Monster.

Wizard Rock Vanishes Then Reappears

Wizard Rock that disappeared then reappeared

Wizard Rock, a one ton boulder that graced the Prescott National Forest in Arizona first disappeared mysteriously the just as puzzling, reappeared.

Easter Sunday UFOs over Phoenix 4/5/2015 Video

Are these Chinese Lanterns or UFOs over Phoenix?

Are UFOs Just Drawn To Phoenix, AZ? Another video of lights over Phoenix, AZ has been recently published to YouTube and it is getting a good deal of attention. ┬áThe video shows clusters of orange lights moving in a group over the skies above Phoenix. ┬áSome claim UFOs, others call for the more mundane explanation […]