Are these Chinese Lanterns or UFOs over Phoenix?

Easter Sunday UFOs over Phoenix 4/5/2015 Video

Are UFOs Just Drawn To Phoenix, AZ?

Another video of lights over Phoenix, AZ has been recently published to YouTube and it is getting a good deal of attention.  The video shows clusters of orange lights moving in a group over the skies above Phoenix.  Some claim UFOs, others call for the more mundane explanation of Chinese Lanterns.

Peter Perez, a resident of Phoenix, when interviewed by a local TV station said the lights appeared over his neighborhood at about 8:51 p.m., just before Easter Sunday dinner. It was his step-father who first noticed the orbs and called everyone to see them. “That’s when we saw the fleet of them. We were in awe.”

Perez counted 18 to 20 orange or amber-colored orbs in the air. But the area of the sky from which they emerged was obstructed from his view, presumably by other buildings.

The video above was shot by YouTube user TimTheBall that had this to say about the lights over Phoenix:

This video was shot from the top of my car in my driveway in Glendale, AZ. The first set of orange orbs were initially floating, but then accelerated and started flying east. They spread apart as they started moving, making it impossible to catch all of them in the same frame. They crossed nearly the whole valley as they vanished one by one. When I looked back west, I was astonished to see a new cluster of lights, also on the move across the valley toward the east, and also burning out one by one. I have no idea what they are, but I do not believe these are flares, as they crossed the entire valley sky. When you see each cluster appear, my camera was pointed toward the far west valley. They were vanishing from sight when my camera had panned all the way to the east. They went from a dead float to a quick acceleration.

Are these Chinese Lanterns or UFOs over Phoenix?Of course the first conclusion about the latest Phoenix UFO video is that these are Chinese Lanterns that had been launched en masse. The arguments against it are that they moved too fast and erratically to have been lazily floating lanterns.

I also witnessed several clusters of those lights pass almost over the top of us near the south end of South mt. They were traveling fast, about 15 total and some appeared to be spinning…they seemed fairly close. I was in the aviation field both military and civilian, and ALL aircraft are required to have marker lights and strobes including military experimental and flying test flights for prototypes…these lights did not react like flares, nor Chinese lanterns or any type of aircraft I have ever seen. They were flying too close to one another in proximity. There were what appeared to be two helicopters noticing the lights as both banked and tried to circle back towards the lights, however the Orange lights were moving too fast. These same lights have been filmed in broad – Wingerz1999

Chinese Lanterns or Alien Ships?

Time for your comments! Watch the video and let me know what you think we are seeing here.  Witnesses on the ground say there is no way they are lanterns, but from the video that is what it looks like.  Post your comments down below!

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