Are Ouija Boards Real Ghost Hunting Tools

The question of are ouija boards real tools for contacting the dead comes up a lot in the paranormal world. Skeptics say it is all fake with people pushing either consciously or not to get the results they want.  Others will say that ouija boards are very real and can  have huge unwanted side effects. […]

Is The Show Haunted Finders Real?

With the plethora of ghost hunting shows popping up, it is hard to tell what is real and what isn’t. Today we got done watching the first episode, we were wondering is the show Haunted Finders real? The show has been around a few years and is hosted by Tom Buckmaster and has been around […]

The Basic 4 Ghost Hunting Tools You Must Have

Don’t go ghost hunting without these Flashlights Digital Recorders EMF Detector Spirit Box In all things, success is often achieved by having the right tools. This holds as true for ghost hunting tools as anything else. You want to go out and do some ghost hunting, but what to take with you? There are lots […]