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If you are just starting out ghost hunting, you may be wondering what all tools you should be packing to do a proper investigation. The easiest way to gear up is to head over to Amazon and get shopping. 

Surprisingly enough, you can find most of your basic ghost hunting tools on Amazon for fairly reasonable prices. If you want pro-level gear, I do suggest you go over to Ghost Stop, where you can find some pretty awesome stuff. 

Essential Ghost Hunting Tools

Infrared Thermometer

$18.99 – Amazon

A super easy and inexpensive way to check for cold spots, an infrared thermometer is always super handy for checking for temperature changes and checking to see if cold drafts that you are feeling are actually coming from vents or ducts. 

If you really want to step your game up though, check out the FLIR for your cell phone below!

Digital Voice Recorder

$49.99 – Amazon

The classic tool for ghost hunting, a good digital recorder is essential for picking up EVPs, recording ghost box sessions, and for leaving behind to hear if anything happens while you are off investigating in other areas. I particularly like models with removable memory cards, as they are easier to get over into your computer for processing. 

EMF Field Detector

$26.99 – Amazon

One of the easiest ways to detect paranormal activity and check for high EMF fields that might make people think they have ghosts, is with an EMF meter. You don’t need to get fancy here, a basic EMF meter will work perfectly well for ghost hunting. 

Night Vision Camera

$219.99 – Amazon

Video cameras have gotten very affordable, so there is no excuse to not equip your team with several. The more cameras, the more likely you are to catch that shadow person as it walks across the hall in front of you.

Be sure to get enough extra batteries for the whole night!

Ghost Box - Spirit Box SB7

$89.90 – Amazon

An essential tool for communicating with ghosts, the spirit box belongs in every ghost hunter’s tool kit. Rapidly sweeping through AM or FM channels, the spirit box gives ghosts a way to make contact. Bonus tip: run a patch cable to one of your voice recorders so when you catch something, you have permanent evidence of it!

Pelican Case With Foam

pelican case for ghost hunting tools

$222 – Amazon

If you are going to buy a bunch of good tools for ghost hunting, you should really have a secure place to store them. A Pelican case is a great way to do that. The hard outer shell is resistant to drops, falls, and the dangers of walking around at night, while the foam interior protects electronics from the hard shocks of being dropped. Plus it keeps all your essential ghost hunting tools in one neat kit so you don’t lose pieces or have to go hunting for them. 

Other Items To Consider

While the things we’ve listed above are the classic essential tools for ghost hunting, here are a few more items that you might want to take with you ghost hunting. These are more for making your ghost hunt better, more productive, and even safer!

Extra Batteries

Running out of batteries is annoying, especially if you are in the middle of nowhere in a haunted building and your flashlights are going out, and those batteries were fresh when you left home. Whether it is disposable batteries like AA or special batteries for your cameras, be sure to bring along plenty of spares. 

FLIR Cell Phone Camera

$229 – Amazon

It used to be that you had to spend thousands of dollars to get a thermal camera. Now for a few hundred, you can get one that attaches directly to your cell phone. With models for both iOS and Android, you can look for hot spots, cold spots, and ghosts in total darkness. 

Good Quality Dust Mask

dust and mold mask for ghost hunting

$29.98 – Amazon

Ghost hunting can take you into some very damp and moldy buildings, and that mold can be very bad for you, especially if you already have breathing problems. I highly suggest you take along a couple high quality respirators for areas that have mold in addition to ghosts. The mold won’t bother the ghosts, but it sure can cause you breathing problems, I know this one first hand!

Extra Flashlights

extra flashlights for ghost hunting

$22.99 – Amazon

Imagine you are in a pitch black basement doing a sprit box session and your flashlight dies. Now you have to try and navigate out of a sketch basement with your cell phone light. Not safe or fun. Bring an extra flashlight with you when you go ghost hunting. They can also be used as a ghost hunting tool by unscrewing the cap a little until it barely turns on. 


$179.90 – Amazon

Another classic ghost hunting tool, the REM pod incorporates an EMF and temperature sensor, and makes for a great way to detect ghosts moving through an area, or a tool to get ghosts to communicate by lighting up the pod. 

Ghost Hunting Log Book

$7.99 – Amazon

Don’t just trust your ghost hunts to memory. We have made a ghost hunting log book that lets you detail where you were hunting ghosts, who you were with, what happened, and even what spirits are supposed to be present. 

Final Thoughts On Ghost Hunting Tools

Obviously this list of ghost hunting tools just scratches the surface of the possible tools you can use to communicate with the departed, but it is a good place to start when building your ghost hunting tool kit. 

Is there something that you’ve found to be an essential ghost hunting tool that should be on this list? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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