Is Haunted Finders real?

Is The Show Haunted Finders Real?

With the plethora of ghost hunting shows popping up, it is hard to tell what is real and what isn’t. Today we got done watching the first episode, we were wondering is the show Haunted Finders real?

The show has been around a few years and is hosted by Tom Buckmaster and has been around since 2013, primarily on Youtube, though it looks like you can can find them on Amazon as well now.

After watching a few episodes I can say that Haunted Finders feels real unlike many of the obviously fake ghost hunting shows.

The detractors to Haunted Finders use the same arguments. It is TV, anything can be faked. EMF readers can be influenced from off camera. It impossible to verify any “feelings” the investigators might have.

What I can say is that it isn’t overdone and he doesn’t have massive findings on every show.  Most fake ghost shows are just a little too high on entertainment.

Obviously without going out on a hunt with him, I can’t say with 100% assurance if Haunted Finders is real, but from what I can tell it is.  I encourage you to check out a few episodes and decide for yourself if his shows are real or not.

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