Does A Photo From The ISS Prove The Existence Of UFOs?

UFO Hunters Say Recent Photo From The ISS Proves That UFOs Are Real. The UFO world is full of noise this week after the photo taken by US astronaut Scott Kelly was tweeted with the caption “Day 233. Once upon a #star over Southern India. #GoodNight from @space_station! #YearInSpace.”  The photo appears to have a UFO in […]

UFO Footage From NASA STS-48

Is NASA Covering Up Proof Of UFOs? There are things up there in space that remain unidentified and the have been photographed many times.  This footage comes from the STS 48 Discovery mission and shows objects moving between the shuttle and the Earth.  What they filmed is up for debate, but they don’t seem to be […]

UFO Docked At ISS

Is This a UFO or Something Else At the ISS? Claims are rolling around the Internet that a UFO docked with the International Space Station on January 29, 2014 and that the evidence was caught on NASA’s own live video feed.  The story first surfaced on the Examiner website. Yesterday the entire footage of what […]

Astronomer Claims NASA Photo Shows Alien Fossil

Did NASA find an alien? UFO researcher Scott C. Waring is claiming that a NASA Mars rover photo shows the fossilized remains of an alien life form.  What do you think? I must admit I am more than a bit dubious about this one.  To me it looks like a pile of rocks.  Like people seeing […]