NASA photo of alien corpse on Mars?

Astronomer Claims NASA Photo Shows Alien Fossil

Did NASA find an alien?

UFO researcher Scott C. Waring is claiming that a NASA Mars rover photo shows the fossilized remains of an alien life form.  What do you think?

NASA photo of alien corpse on Mars?
Does this photo from the Mars Rover show the fossilized remains of an alien?

I must admit I am more than a bit dubious about this one.  To me it looks like a pile of rocks.  Like people seeing images of Jesus in their corn flakes, the human brain likes to see familiar shapes.  In this case it is an alien crushed under a rock. But here is what he has to say on it:

“I was looking at a Curiosity Rover photo but the quality of the photo was very low so I enlarged the photo until it was 15.8MB is size. Since the original on the NASA Curiosity Rover site is only 160KB you can see that this would make some serious difference and it sure did.”

“In the upper left hand corner of the photo is an actual fossilized alien that is partially covered in some kind stone.”

 What do you think this NASA photo shows?

As I said before, I am pretty sure that is just a jumble of rocks that looks like something bipedal that had had a bad day. Here is a link to the original NASA photo showing the supposed alien.

NASA Mars Rover photo of alien

Leave your comments below and tell me what you think we are seeing here!

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  1. IDK, but I see half of a human face close to the bottom, about 1/3 from the left. A slightly open mouth, and a nose, too.

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