UFO docked at the ISS

UFO Docked At ISS

Is This a UFO or Something Else At the ISS?

UFO docked at the ISSClaims are rolling around the Internet that a UFO docked with the International Space Station on January 29, 2014 and that the evidence was caught on NASA’s own live video feed.  The story first surfaced on the Examiner website.

Yesterday the entire footage of what appears to be a UFO docked at the International Space State (ISS) was released and uploaded to Youtube. The video shows the sleek looking yellow UFO docked at the ISS for just over two minutes with the Earth slowly rotating in the background. The video ends with ISS live feed going into blue screen mode. This likely indicates that NASA cut the ISS live feed once it was realized that the video of the UFO docked at the ISS was going live to the world. The docking positioning of the UFO suggests that it is not the result of a camera anomaly but a genuine spacecraft of unknown origin.


I watched the video and am not convinced that it is a UFO.  The shape is relatively random, and oddly translucent. Plus it is sitting at the junction of the ISS and the Soyuz Escape Module, not at a proper docking spot.  Of course the true believers can say that the aliens ‘teleported’ inside.

Yes, the ‘object’ changes in brightness as the lighting changes and stays right with the ISS as it orbits, but that doesn’t convince me.  When the sun is really on the ISS, the object is not particularly lit and maintains its brightness more or less.  I’m thinking it is something between the camera and the ISS.

I know…  The UFO community can hang me for it, but I’m just not seeing it.  Why would a UFO dock at the ISS in the first place?  Why when they have managed to avoid being filmed well on Earth would they park in front of a NASA live feed?

This is big enough of a story that Michael E. Salla of Exopolitics was on Coast to Coast AM on 02-08-14 talking about it.  He had some great theories, but none of them are sitting right with me.  I feel like this is akin to Bigfoot hunters seeing any black blob in a forest photo as a Bigfoot.  We like to see what we want to see.  That is what I think is going on here.

Have a differing opinion or a piece of evidence that change my mind?  Post a comment and let me have it!

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