The Barre Mystery Safe

Barre Mystery Safe

Barre, N.Y. — Residents of a small town in upstate New York have a mystery on their hands. Someone dropped a 500-600# safe in a local farmers field with a note taped to it challenging anyone to open it. Whoever did, gets to keep what is inside. So far no one has managed to crack […]

Solid Black Humanoid Stalks Campground

solid black humanoid

Camper Encounters Solid Black Humanoid In The Campground Consider turning a corner in the dark and running into a small, solid black humanoid.  What would you do? That is exactly what Reddit user Justinf10000 had happen to him.  He isn’t alone either.  There are scattered reports across the web of small solid black humanoid creatures […]

Bigfoot in New Jersey

Possible Bigfoot Sighting in New Jersey

Was a Bigfoot captured on video walking through a New Jersey park or is this just another case of mistaken identity or possibly a poorly contrived hoax. Watch the video and chime in with your thoughts on the New Jersey Bigfoot video.

Is Upstate New York a Bigfoot Haven?

Whitehall New York Bigfoot

Credible Sightings of Bigfoot in New York West coast people have a hard time imagining that Bigfoot could live on the east coast because we imagine that it is nothing but vast tracts of housing developments and cities, but the reality is that a good deal of the east coast of the United States remains […]

New York Black Eyed Kid Encounter

BEK Encounters

A Black Eyed Kid Terrifies Man in New York This terrifying Black Eyed Kids encounter is a couple of years old, but is one of two that have come in recently from New York.  The setting is as you would expect.  He was home alone, and expecting someone completely different when he opened his front […]