Whitehall New York Bigfoot

Is Upstate New York a Bigfoot Haven?

Credible Sightings of Bigfoot in New York

West coast people have a hard time imagining that Bigfoot could live on the east coast because we imagine that it is nothing but vast tracts of housing developments and cities, but the reality is that a good deal of the east coast of the United States remains wooded and wild.  It is in these places, even in the state of New York, that Bigfoot finds a place to call home.

The Adirondack mountain range cuts through the east coast, offering Bigfoot sanctuary and Whitehall, New York has been a hot spot for Bigfoot activity for hundreds of years.  Reports of tall, hairy men date back to before European settlers ever set foot in the area.

Interestingly enough there have also been accounts of Bigfoot sightings coinciding with UFOs in the area.  This is still a controversial topic within  the Bigfoot community, but is something that needs to be worked out as many times a rise in UFO sightings will also mean a rise in Bigfoot sightings.


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  1. Hello if anybody is out there I know a lot about the BEKs not as much as say Deadeye but I actually had a very pleasant encounter with a Black Eyed Teenager he was not a monster he arrived at my doorstep his clothing was thick with the smell of engine oil I asked him if he was working on a car he said yes sir may I come in? I said of course he then took a shower and took his shirt off and slept in my living room and then we had breakfast swapped jokes till he left and all he left me was his dirty shirt and blue jeans but I cleaned them a waited for him to return he never did so I kept the shirt and jeans I’m still hopeful he’ll return

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