Video of UFOs Entering the Popocatépetl Volcano In Mexico

Aliens and UFOs Love Mexico! I am beginning to wonder if Mexico is the intergalactic party zone.  You would think so considering the number of UFO sightings that come from there.  Pretty regularly we are seeing all sorts of video showing unexplained things flying around and one category in particular has been UFOs flying into […]

Stacy Brown FLIR Bigfoot Footage

Stacy Brown Jr and his father Stacy Brown Sr. filmed a Sasquatch in Northwest Florida on 5/8/12 with a FLIR. This is some excellent analysis of the Stacy Brown Florida Bigfoot footage by the crew at FaceBook Find Bigfoot.  I am usually pretty dubious about FLIR footage because it is leaves out so many details, […]

Victorian Sewer Creature Video

Was an unknown monster found hiding in old Victorian sewers? Take a look at the Victorian Sewer Creature Video, supposedly shot in the sewers underneath Merseyside by the staff at the North West water company United Utilities. So what do you think? A new cryptid? A mysterious monster hiding in the sewers? The press in […]