Stacy Brown Bigfoot Thermal Image

Stacy Brown FLIR Bigfoot Footage

Stacy Brown Jr and his father Stacy Brown Sr. filmed a Sasquatch in Northwest Florida on 5/8/12 with a FLIR.

This is some excellent analysis of the Stacy Brown Florida Bigfoot footage by the crew at FaceBook Find Bigfoot.  I am usually pretty dubious about FLIR footage because it is leaves out so many details, but in this case the profile is all you need to see that what they captured in this video is definitely not a human pulling a hoax.

Stacey  Brown Video Deleted
The original video I had posted here got pulled for the reasons stated above…

The analysis in the video cements in that this is a Hollywood production level hoax or something way bigger than a human with significantly different proportions that has been caught on thermal imaging.  Simple math confirms that this creature is over 8′ tall and has arms way out of proportions for a human.

But what really makes this video viable to me is the fact that the thermal image is consistent in temperature from top to bottom.  A person in clothes or a suit will have more variations in the heat distributions.  Need proof?  Here is thermal imaging done on a clothed person, nude human and a person in a Gorilla Suit, done by Cliff Barackman of Finding Bigfoot.

What is your opinion of the Stacy Brown Bigfoot video?

Does this video add to the burden of proof that Bigfoot roam our wild places or is this just more fodder for the Bigfoot myth?  Chime in with your analysis and opinions!

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  1. Regret to say I did not get to view the thermal bigfoot image in ? Due to video being removed by utube because of multiple claims of copyright infringment. Bummer!

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