Pennsylvania Translucent Humanoid Encounter

Camouflaged Creature: ‘It Was Like Standing Water…’ Terrifying Translucent Humanoid Report

The world of the paranormal is fraught with skepticism. This is understandable: extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. But what if an everyday couple encountered something so inexplicable it forced them to question their own doubts? The following testimony comes from a Pennsylvania family who claim to have encountered a truly unnerving presence, one that defies traditional explanation. They aren’t alone – and that is perhaps the most disturbing aspect of it all.

The following encounter with a Translucent Humanoid was first submitted to the now-defunct website It is reprinted here in its entirety.

Pennsylvania Translucent Humanoid Encounter

Hi. I have finally gained the courage to tell people about an encounter my husband and I had some years ago.

We recently bought our home in a new area in western Pennsylvania than it’s close to where we were raised. I found the home listed for sale on the Internet in the fall of 2000. Soon after, we bought the home and became familiar with our surroundings.

The next year before buck season, we were out with our spot light to go and view the deer in the area. We drove down our long dirt road and turned onto another dirt road. These roads are the kind that only locals would use because they are so bumpy and treacherous and didn’t really take you anywhere but to farms. There is no winter maintenance for snow removal either. Just as we turned off of our road and onto the next, my husband was shining the spot light on the left side of the road from the driver seat of our car. He continued to drive slowly flashing the light around when he
shone the light in what looked like a driveway. It was actually one of a series of roads meant for gas trucks to tap from various gas wells in the area. They are quite common and abundant. As he shined the light in this small dirt road that resembled a driveway, he kept his light fixed. At first, I had deer ingrained in my mind and was expecting to see the shape of a deer.

As I stared at this shape, I realized that I did not know what I was looking at. I knew it wasn’t a deer. It wasn’t any animal at all! As my brain tried to comprehend what I was looking at it became more clear the longer I stared.

What I saw had the shape of a man but it was not a man. It was not see-through as a ghost. The only way I can describe it was that it was like standing water. But it didn’t cast a shadow. It didn’t have any glare to it as the light was on it. It did not reflect the light. It was not gas. As gas does not have a significant shape. Gas will ebb and flow with the breeze or at least have an inconsistent shape. Rather, what I saw had a defined shape. That was the only way I can see it because, it had the shape of a human and I could make that out because of the defined edges and curves. Only because of its outline was I able to make out what I was looking at. When I realized that I was looking at a human shape, I noticed the posture was similar to a person skulking or sneaking. It was hunched over a little and one of its arms were frozen in place in front of it. As though it knew we saw it and it froze its position to try to be undetectable.

A few seconds had passed as it stood there like a mannequin in mid step frozen in space. In front of it, I could see a small knoll about a foot and a half tall that had a small graded slope to
it. After what seemed a long time but, only moments, I remember feeling very afraid. What I was looking at knew that I was looking at it! It could easily pounce at us! It was only maybe ten feet in front of us on the driver’s side of the road! It was standing in some low grass beside the driveway gas well road. It was close enough to hurt us! I didn’t know what this thing was and I didn’t want to find out what it was capable of doing!! Our sons were at home right down the road from where we were! But, nobody really knew where we were! If we needed help there was no one around for a
couple miles!! There was no cell service on our road either. We were out there alone with that thing!

After we stared at this thing for maybe 10 seconds, it then began to slowly crouch into a seated like position but having its feet underneath, like it was ready to lunge at us. Again, I could not see its body parts only the outside shape of it.

After it remained in the squatted position for a few more seconds it then appeared to slowly lay down onto the little knoll and then it disappeared. I could no longer see it. It had just
seemingly vanished! I could not believe what I just saw. I was stunned to the core! I then began to doubt what I saw and said to myself that I must be seeing things. This is crazy! I resolved to not even say a word to my husband. I thought he would poke fun at me and not even believe me anyway. Then my husband looked at me and asked, “Did you just see that too?”

After hearing him admit that he too had saw exactly what I just saw, I turned to him with my mouth still hung open and told him “Yes. I saw that too!” Then I immediately told him to drive and get me the hell out of there! And what’s so strange is that my husband thought the exact same thing that I thought… that he was seeing things too. Like me, he was not even going to say anything to me. He thought he was seeing things too! But, as he turned towards me once he began to drive away and he saw my mouth just hanging open, he knew that I had seen it too. We both saw the exact
same thing!

He saw that it was the shape of a man. He saw that it was hunched over as if caught red-handed. He saw that it was cloaked like the predator but it didn’t have a jagged camouflaged look. The thing we saw had a smooth look. It was like standing water without the reflective aspect and its outside shape was smooth, definitive. I do not know what we saw, but I do know it was real! I have been really guarded about this experience and have only told a few people. Because, I know how skeptics are. I am one of them! Yet I cannot refute what we saw. It was real. Nevertheless, whatever it was or is we saw it. There is no doubt in my mind or in my husband’s.

Another reason why I am finally sharing this is because lately I have been watching various TV shows about cryptic phenomena like Bigfoot and whatnot. It’s October and creepy shows are airing this time of the year. Watching these shows reminded me of our experience all those years ago. And, even after all these years, I’ve never done any research to see if anyone else has had a similar encounter.

For a long time, I just as soon wanted to forget all about that night. But now, I thought I’d search Google for the key words “predator-like sightings” and was astonished to
see a couple of people seeing what we saw. I then came upon this website and decided to tell our story. I do not expect a lot of people to believe me. I don’t really care what people say in that regard. I get it. Unless you have your own experience, most won’t get it. What I would like is to know if there are more sightings of this thing and what people think it might be. I assure all of you that we both saw the same exact thing.

Yes, it was dark. But, the spot light was exceptional with its quality and there was no mistaking what we saw being confused with any shadows, strange light reflections, optical illusions, gas leaks, ghosts or any other possible phenomenon.

The cloaking capabilities were of absolute exceptional clarity. It bent the light in such a way that it looked like the surrounding environment without any flaws save for the outline of the man/humanoid being. Aside from the distinctive outline, we would not have been able to detect that anything was there at all. Now, if light affects the cloak in the daylight then more people will have more sightings. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that our spot light defected the cloaking mechanism in such a way that we were able to detect the outline because of it. Just a
noted theory.

In any event, is there anyone else out there that has seen this being?”

Thoughts On This Encounter

The most striking aspect of this account is the witness’s description of the creature: “like standing water” that absorbed ambient light rather than reflecting it. This echoes accounts from individuals allegedly encountering figures similar to the movie “Predator” – translucent, blending seamlessly into surroundings. However, it’s critical to note that human perception, especially under stress and in low-light conditions, can be deceptive.

Could this couple have seen another person playing a cruel prank? Was it perhaps a wild animal that distorted in the darkness and the beam of their light? Is it possible their minds crafted a terrifying encounter influenced by pre-existing fears or pop culture representations of the unknown?

…Or is there something entirely more mysterious prowling the rural landscapes of Pennsylvania and beyond? It remains for each individual to determine what level of extraordinary evidence warrants re-imagining our known world.

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