Everything you need to know about Translucent Humanoids aka Predators

Translucent Humanoids – Real Life Predators or Cloaked Aliens?

Imagine stepping outside on a clear night, the stars crisp against the inky sky. You feel a prickle of unease – the sense of being watched though nothing’s visible. Then, a ripple in the air like a heat haze, then the faint outline of a human-like figure shimmers and fades at the edge of your vision. This is the essence of translucent humanoid encounters, often called “predators” by witnesses as they look much like the creatures from the movie of the same name. Whether these beings are figments of the imagination, optical tricks, or something far more bewildering remains fiercely debated. In this post, let’s dive into the evidence, the explanations, and the enduring mystery of beings seemingly able to vanish before our eyes.

What Are Translucent Humanoids?

Translucent humanoids, often nicknamed “predators,” are figures described in paranormal reports as having a human-like shape but possessing near-invisibility or advanced camouflage. The existence of these beings is highly debated, and the truth behind the sightings remains a captivating mystery that this article investigates further.

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What Do Translucent Humanoids Look Like?

Despite the inherent strangeness of encounters with seemingly invisible beings, there’s a surprising level of consistency in how Translucent Humanoids are reported. Here’s a breakdown of the most frequent traits described:

Humanoid Shape: Among almost all reports, the witnesses describe a bipedal figure resembling a human in general outline, though often either proportionally stretched and taller than usual, or smaller than an average sized human

Varying Degrees of Transparency: This ranges from descriptions of a shimmering figure like a heat haze, to slightly blurred but otherwise solid-looking beings. Some describe them as being made of plastic wrap. Witnesses note seeing clothing, even facial features, but as if shrouded by a strange filter.

  • Color & Texture: Most reports indicate either a colorless, faintly glowing form or a shadowy, darker outline against the background. Some less common encounters detail Translucent Humanoids that take on the texture or color of their surroundings, acting like living camouflage.
  • Movement: Descriptions emphasize fluidity and grace, often accompanied by reports of oddly smooth or swift motions.

Unsettling Deviations

It’s the small departures from normal human appearance that create a profoundly unsettling effect in witnesses. Many encounters describe elongated limbs, slightly distorted features, or an unnerving sense that something about the Translucent Humanoids proportions is simply off. This subtly wrong appearance alongside near-invisibility is often the most cited reason for lingering fear and unease.

It is important to remember eyewitness testimony has the potential for inaccuracy, especially in traumatic or unexpected situations. Yet, these recurring commonalities across hundreds of reports fuel the enduring mystery of transparent humanoids.

What Is With The Clicking Noises?

In some reported cases, these unsettling aspects go beyond sight. Witnesses sometimes describe accompanying sounds alongside sightings of Translucent Humanoids. Frequently mentioned are soft clicking or chittering noises that seem out of place and unconnected to the being’s movement.

In a Reddit post, one woman recalled hearing this noise as a child and seeing a translucent humanoid watching her.

So here I am, 5 years old, and wondering why there is an invisible man in the tree. I remember feeling scared but unsure what to do. Then it started moving and making a faint clicking sound.”

If a transparent entity looking at you isn’t bad enough, having it make bug like clicking sounds at you really puts the creepy factor right through the roof.


Witnesses mentioning clicking sounds in some encounters opens up entirely new avenues of speculation:

Echolocation?: Could this be evidence of some non-visual way Translucent Humanoids navigate or sense their surroundings? There are some arguments that a transparent or invisible creature would have difficulty seeing as the light hitting it would go right through it, rather than registering on its eyes.

Communication?: Does this clicking hold meaning, an attempt to interact with witnesses, or is it an unintended side effect of their presence?

Misinterpreted Noise?: Of course, natural explanations must be considered. Could these sounds be misidentified in moments of high stress?

It is precisely these unexplained details that leave a lingering mystery surrounding transparent humanoids, keeping the phenomenon from dismissal as mere misidentification.

Other Names For Translucent Humanoids

Like many paranormal creatures, people often times have trouble putting a name to what they have encountered. As such many times the same creature will have many different names. While translucent Humanoids has become the common term among researchers, here are a couple others that you may hear people use.

  • Predators: One of the more common terms used to describe them, primarily because the descriptions of their cloaking abilities match those of the creature in the movie so well.
  • Cloaked Entities: Some people refer to these entities as cloaked, as they look what we have seen cloaking look like in the movies. Not perfect invisibility, but enough distortion to make them difficult to spot if they are holding still
  • Glimmer Man: Because some of these entities ‘shimmer’ in the light, some witnesses have reffered to them as ‘Glimmer Man’. This makes sense considering their appearance.
  • Transparent Humanoids: An obvious description for an entity that you can almost completely see through. I prefer translucent as it indicates that they aren’t perfectly see-through, but that they distort the light coming through them.

Where Are These Creatures Most Often Seen?

A significant portion of reports are clustered around forests, wilderness areas, and places distant from major urbanization. This raises questions about whether transparent humanoids prefer undisturbed landscapes or simply remain better hidden within these habitats.

Disturbingly enough though, many sightings happen in more urban areas. Sightings have happened in suburban yards, along roadsides, and even briefly glimpsed on seemingly unremarkable city streets. These instances disrupt any notion of ‘safety’ in a familiar space.

Possible Explanations For What Translucent Humanoids Are

Because these sightings are so disturbing, people are often left wanting an explanation for what these transparent humanoid creatures are. Even if we knew that they were aliens spying on us with cloaking technology, it would be better than no idea at all. Here are some commonly held explanations for what translucent humanoids are.

Cloaked Bigfoot

Some Bigfoot witnesses have described them as being able to disappear or to cloak/vanish from sight. Cloaked Bigfoot seems an unlikely explanation though, as oftentimes these entities are described as smaller than humans, or doing things like running across treetops. Neither of those sound like Bigfoot to me.


One potential source of Translucent Humanoid encounters is cloaked aliens. It would make sense that if they wanted to observe us, they would use some kind of technology to hide themselves from us. This doesn’t explain though, how they can run from tree-top to tree top, on trees that seemingly wouldn’t bear their weight.

Government Operatives

For some of these ‘predator’ type encounters, some people have theorized that they could be government operatives testing out new, or unknown to the public, cloaking technology. While this would explain some of the cases, particularly near urban areas, it doesn’t explain historical sightings, or some of the more abnormal behaviors of Translucent Humanoid encounters.

Trans-Dimensional Beings

One theory and one that I lean towards, is that these are the manifestations of entities from other dimensions. Their projections here have enough mass to interact with our reality, while not being solid enough to be seen, or they have technology/techniques to keep from being seen easily.

It could be that these entities are watching us, either as a scientific study or just out of curiosity. In this regard, they are similar to Shadow People. It would also explain the instances where people have seen translucent figures inside their homes.

An Unknown Entity

One potential answer to what these creatures are is that they are real creatures that through whatever quirk of evolution with humans, we can’t fully see. These creatures may, like Bigfoot, wish to stay apart from humanity, and have somehow evolved traits that trigger our innate inattentional blindness, some other mechanism in our brains that keeps us from seeing them fully.

It could be possible that our brains just refuse to see these creatures fully for one reason or another.

It Is All Made Up

Of course, the reality is that Translucent Humanoids could also just be a part of our collective folklore. Someone told a story about seeing a creature like the alien in Predator, then someone else told a similar story and pretty soon a whole lore of ‘true stories” built up.

This is the Internet after all and you have to take everything you read with a grain of salt. If you haven’t seen one for yourself or talked with someone you trust who claims to have seen one, you never can fully be sure it is real. That being said, for those of us who get first-hand accounts of Translucent Humanoids, it gets hard to believe that these things aren’t real and running around spying on us.

Translucent Humanoid Encounters

While there are many accounts of encounters with predator type creatures, below are three that are especially chilling as well as an episode of Missing Persons Mysteries that is all about Translucent humanoids. These first-hand accounts may make you pay more attention to your surroundings when you go outside.

Louisiana Hunters’ Chilling Predator Encounter

A man from a small Louisiana town shared his recent unsettling experience while scouting for hunting season in the Kisatchie National Forest. Accompanied by his lifelong hunting buddy, the summer scouting trip quickly turned bizarre.

“We were setting up camp when my cousin asked if I heard something following us. I told him no, thinking he was just tired. But that night, I heard noises circling our camp, saw shimmers by the firelight. I slept with my pistol close.”

The next day, things escalated. During lunch, the speaker’s cousin froze, staring into the woods:

“He whispers, ‘I see the Predator’…and there it was. Not like the movie alien, but this man-shaped shimmer, crouched ten feet up in a tree.”

Fleeing in terror, the creature stalked them throughout their panicked trek back to the truck.

“It shadowed us for over two hours…every time we’d stop to catch our breath, there it was, no more than fifty feet away. It never got closer, never made a sound beyond its movement.”

This incident was not isolated. The speaker also recounts his father’s remarkably similar encounter decades earlier as a teenager in the same woods:

“He described it like stacks of Reynolds Wrap in the shape of a man…It slid into the water and went under…Then, at the last minute, it was watching us from a tree by the truck.”

This chilling case highlights the recurring nature of such sightings and their lasting psychological impact.

“An Almost Fatal Encounter…”

One poster on Reddit shared his bizarre and terrifying experience from when, as a teenager, they were spending the night with a friend in a remote forest that they had frequented since childhood. He emphasizes he’s a skeptic when it comes to the paranormal, making what happened that night even more disturbing.

“We heard rustling, and I sat up. There was this tall, transparent, human-like form. I could see right through it! It vanished up a tree when I looked directly at it. In shock, I suggested leaving.”

They began walking the familiar path out of the woods but were overcome by strange disorientation and confusion. It seemed like the surroundings warped; time slowed to a crawl.

“Then he yelled he was following his mom’s calls for help. I heard nothing. When he headed off the path, that’s when I saw it again on a branch: that same transparent thing! It moved silently from tree to tree, getting closer…”

Terrified, they ran but found themselves back where they started – an impossibly short trip. Seeking refuge, they climbed into their treehouse:

“We heard it climb up, making weird mimic sounds…like rain and wind, though nothing got through the cracks.”

Afterward, his friend’s watch read 5 am. Despite having started their rest around 9 pm, less than 30 minutes seemed to have passed. Shaken, they waited out the remaining night and left at dawn.

To this day, the speaker remains deeply disturbed by this impossible, time-altering encounter with a creature that seemed to blend perfectly with its environment.

“Predator-Like” Encounter: A Couple’s Harrowing Experience

A woman recounts to Cryptozoologynews.com, her and her husband’s unsettling encounter years ago in a remote part of Western Pennsylvania. An avid skeptic, what she saw that night shattered her expectations. This is her account:

“We were out at night with a spotlight, like so many folks do before hunting season. Just checking for deer on these bumpy dirt roads locals know but no one else would take. Then we turned off, my husband flashing the beam out as he drove…and he just held it steady. I thought he’d spotted a deer, but as I focused, a chill went through me.

“At first, my brain kept searching – animal, shadow? No. In the spotlight, that ‘watery’ figure was human-shaped but subtly wrong. Not completely see-through, more like…how heat ripples look, distorting things but with a distinct edge. And the way it crouched, as if startled, one arm frozen – I realized it knew we were there!

“Fear jolted me. Ten feet away, close enough to attack! Yet, after this tense moment, it didn’t charge. Instead, it smoothly lowered itself onto this little slope and seemed to dissolve into nothing. I was just stunned, started doubting my own eyes…until my husband turned to me and said, ‘Did you just see that too?’ He’d thought the same as me – that he was going crazy!”

“Neither of us spoke at first. Just drove. Then the rush of questions hit – what was that thing? Could others be in danger? This thing…it seemed too clever for a natural creature. But what else could it be? I’ve kept it buried for years, afraid of judgment, but this is real. People deserve to know, even if there’s no explanation yet.”

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