Haunted drug store in Steilacoom, WA

Haunted Store – Bair Drug & Hardware In Steilacoom

The Owner Doesn’t Want To Leave The Bair Drug & Hardware

Some people are really attached to their work, some so much that they can’t let go of it even in death.  This seems to be the case for W.L. “Cub” Bair.

In 1895 “Cub” Bair built his modern pharmacy and hardware in the port town of Steilacoom, WA. The building served multiple purposes as was often the case back in those days. Inside the small shop was a pharmacy, hardware store, soda fountain and post office. In fact it was the only commercial building in Steilacoom prior to 1900.

Now, many years after his death, it is thought that “Cub” Bair remains at the pharmacy, making his presence known.  The building is now a “living museum” maintained by the local historical society.  A restaurant occupies part of the building and it appears that “Cub” isn’t always happy about modern changes to his store.

The reports are that modern equipment has a very high failure rate.  Repairmen have commented that wires seem to have been “frayed from the inside”. Additionally, smaller things like the electric mixer tend to migrate around the building on their own. When he is really upset, syrup bottles for the soda fountain will be pushed off the shelf and onto the floor.

Most of Mr. Bair’s tantrums are limited to annoyances.  The worst he does is occasionally turning up the temperature on the oven and burning the pastries.  That and apparently he is not a fan of their Salmon sauce as a bottle of it has more than once, levitated off a shelf and crashed to the floor.

One source also makes mention of the disembodied voice of a woman calling the names of now former staff members, but who she might be is not clear.

Definitely not the most spooky haunting out there, but definitely a fun spot to stop if you are in the Tacoma area.

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