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How Long Was A Monster Living In The Attic?

Moster in a dark atticIf you found out there was a monster in your attic, how long would you stay there?  Well, a family in Greeley, CO is faced with that decision after coming face to face with an unknown entity in the darked space of their attic.  This may sound like something straight out of a horror movie, but these folks claim that they really did see a monster in their attic.

A father and son were cleaning out the attic of the family home the site reports, when they encountered a monster.

“I had just climbed up in the attic, my son was on top of the ladder in the garage watching me through the door, when I saw a big thing moving around. At first I thought it was a big rat, but that was no rat,” he recounts.  Now anything moving around in the dark of an attic when there isn’t supposed to be anything up there is scary enough, but it gets worse.

The father finished climbing the ladder into the attic, possibly tempting fate. “Yeah, it was dark, I know, but I had a flashlight with me. I heard a sound, similar to chattering teeth around me, and steps, they certainly sounded like human steps to me. As I point the light at it, I call my son to hurry and come in to see for himself,” he said.  Chattering teeth?  I’m a brave guy, but that sounds like time to hit the eject button to me.

Instead he holds his ground and calls for his son to join him.

“I thought he was joking, I imagined he was playing with me, pulling my leg you know? The thing is when I came inside and saw that thing standing there, well, I thought it was one of those Halloween dolls hanging in there. I told my dad to stop playing and help me clean the place but that thing moved on its own…it was crawling like a baby, then it tried to stand up and as it touched the ceiling, it ran through the wall and disappeared. We noticed a big hole on the wall that wasn’t there before, but there is no exit to the outside. There is a portion of the wall that’s shallow.”

I’m not sure what he means by a portion of the wall that is shallow, but if the creature they described as “about 7-feet long, thin and with smooth dark skin” went down it and was a normal creature, it would have to be big. I’m guessing that wasn’t the case.

“Well I mean it was crouched down, but we estimated it was about 7-ft long. I saw some sort of arms and hands, both very long, and the hands had tons of fingers and claws. Reminded me of that movie with the Mothman…” the younger man said. “When my dad pointed the light on its face, it started moving its mouth, which was tiny, with little teeth like a piranha, and ran away. I noticed the eyes were completely dark and had no pupil or nothing. Pitch black, maybe because the light was hurting it.”

They say that at that time the creature let out a high pitched scream and fled down this hole. The men again showing more bravery than I would went to check it out “but there wasn’t anything to be found in there.”

“It was like a short tunnel, and it went down the house. I don’t know any bird or raccoons that make tunnels like that on thick walls. We haven’t heard anything there anymore, but we are kind of concerned it’d come back,” said the home owner.  Concerned?  Sounds like time to get out and stay out!

What would you do if you found a monster in your attic?  You can’t quite call the Ghost Busters. Would you stay or would you leave immediately?  As for what the creature is, the son describes it as Mothman like, but Mothman is usually described as having glowing red eyes. What do you think they ran into in the dark of their attic?

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  1. Because when people recount stories, particularly emotional ones, they always use vague titles for their closest family members. “My Dad” is way more likely as just “Dad”. Never “My Dad” – unless the father is not present then it’s likely they’re setting up roles and context at the start of a story “Me and my Dad were…” My Dad and I…” etc. “My Son” is utterly implausible. “Billy”* with a “Name changed by request” will give you more credibility in a situation like this. Read some Ray Carver for how people actually talk. Or better yet go listen to people talk crap in a food court if you want verisimilitude for your characters. A photo of a weird hole in a wall in an attic – easy enough to find – would have also done a lot to sell this better.

    You have a knack for a good campfire tale, mate. But why does it need to be more than that? There are no monsters in the attic but – maybe – human ones; but IF there were you’d call the cops and animal control – not email a “paranormal” website. We’re too far along in history to settle for anonymous sources who use the same narrative voice; and without color; despite the emotive content of the story. If you write fiction be prepared for criticism: I give you a C- and a “nice try”.

      1. I think it’s real cuz me and my friend were on the. Bleachers in the gym and our thumbs went threw the cracks my friends thumb was scratched and we were looking to see if someone was there but nothing. So I thought it was a prank and so my other 2 friends thought it was fake too but when we went back to prove it was real me and my friend put our fingers in *same two people as last time* we felt a scratch on our hands so I get up look under the bleachers and nothing was there but all I could fell was long sharp fingers moybe like 15 fingers ! My other friend still don’t think I was real but all I know is that it hapend!

  2. Creepy! Maybe it was some kind of animal with rabies? If the story is true, I’d definitely put a camera up there and maybe catch it on film!

    1. Ashley There are a few holes in your theory. A; If it was a critter with rabies it wouldn’t be in nobody’s attic. I’d come more closer to saying that this thing was a demonic spirit who allowed himself to be seen by both father and son

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