Grants Pass Oregon UFO Feb. 2013

February 2013 Grants Pass Oregon UFO Sighting

What did this Oregon couple film in the skies of Oregon?

OK, I would love to say this couple got good footage of a UFO over Oregon, but I am not laying any bets on it.

 The couple reports seeing a single bright object that bounced around in the sky.  A quick check shows that not only is Venus in the sky this time of the year, but very coincidentally Perseus is extremely bright.

Friday, February 15
The variable star Algol in Perseus reaches minimum brightness at 8:12 p.m. EST, when it shines at magnitude 3.4. If you start viewing it early this evening, you can watch it more than triple in brightness (to magnitude 2.1) over the course of a few hours. This eclipsing binary star runs through a cycle from minimum to maximum and back every 2.87 days. Algol appears nearly overhead after sunset and sinks low in the northwest well after midnight.

In my book, if a light staying more or less in the same location or moving in a steady direction and speed, it isn’t likely to be a UFO.  In this case I am going to guess that this couple saw Venus (as much as I hate to say it) or Perseus and the light traveling through the atmosphere coupled with the optics of our eyes made them think they saw a moving object.

Now I could be wrong, but looking at the footage and going over their description, I am going to lay my bet that this was a misidentification of a mundane light in the sky.

PS.  I really hate saying that they probably saw Venus  LOL


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