El Cajon UFO Video

Three Translucent UFOs Over El Cajon, CA

What exactly are these three strange objects that were filmed over the skies of El Cajon in California?

This video was originally posted on Reddit and the OP claims that the objects were flying against the wind, and from the looks of the video, are moving between the clouds.

“They were also flickering in the sky, disappearing in and out of visibility, not like a metallic reflection of a Mylar balloon.” Exporious writes in his post.

He continued to film them until his girlfriend made him go inside. “The objects disappeared shortly after my girlfriend made me stop filming to go inside. Suddenly, the spheres whipped around about 90 degrees and vanished.” he adds.

Some of the commenters claim that these are just birds filmed at poor resolution, but from what I’m seeing, there isn’t a clear answer as to what these objects are.

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