USS Hampton USO enocounter

Unidentified Submerged Object Outpaces Nuclear Submarine ‘Beyond Sound Barrier’

Startling Encounter Reveals More Than UFOs—Mystery Speeding Object Recorded Below Sea Surface

A nuclear submarine crew was shocked and in disbelief when their sonar showed something zoom past them faster than sound, while underwater.

The crew on the USS Hampton were shocked by how quickly this mystery object moved. “This goddam thing is going faster than the speed of sound,” one crew member remarked

This strange event teaches us about something not many know about: Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs). It shows that there might be more than just weird flying things in our world. Bob McGwier, a scientist that had been working on the USS Hampton at the time of the incident, shared this wild story. He was working on classified underwater projects in the late 1990s when they spotted something unknown near the USS Hampton.

McGwier’s story changes the idea of aliens only being in spaceships. He says there might be something strange right here with us.

Talking to a former fighter pilot turned UFO expert, Chris Lehto, McGwier explained how fast and deep this thing was moving next to their submarine.

He remembered,  “We were under way and all of a sudden I hear the sound. It’s really strange because it’s clear that what is going on is something is whizzing by us and it’s moving so fast I just can’t believe it. This thing blew by us like we were standing still.”

McGwier added, “A person with knowledge of onboard systems came out and said ‘this goddam thing is going faster than the speed of sound underwater – but that’s faster than the speed of sound in air’.”

While you would think this sort of thing would make headlines, this was pre-Tik Tac UFO release and he said he and the crew “didn’t want to report it, didn’t want to tell anybody, didn’t want to cause any problems”.

This story is making more news now that the military has shared the famous Tic Tac video of a UFO going from sky to sea in 2019.

The USS Hampton incident makes us think deeper about the weird things hiding under the ocean. It’s like a puzzle we don’t understand yet.

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