Arc of energy in a storm cloud

HAARP In Action Video

Is This HAARP In Action, Or A UFO?

UFO or HAARP created light in the cloudsIn the last few days this video of something lighting up the clouds has been making the rounds and getting a lot of attention. The main thoughts are that it is  either a UFO doing something odd, or a product of a HAARP discharge.  If you aren’t familiar with HAARP, it is a US government project that blasts bursts of energy into the planet’s upper atmosphere. They say it is for research, but conspiracy theorists are convinced they can alter the weather with it, even going so far as to steer entire storms.

The video, posted June 12, 2015 by QuadeM13, shows a beam of energy moving through the clouds along the edge of a storm front near Greenwood, Indiana.

In the comments he postulates:

“I had no idea what it was until I did some research when I got home and found out that it’s called haarp, a government research program (They Say)!! Take a closer look at the beginning of the video right when the beam disappears for a second it moves part of the cloud upwards then comes back.”

The Witness Interviewed On The Radio

Shortly after the video was posted, the show Third Phase Of Moon interviewed him about what he had seen.  Several ideas are batted around and he gives his thoughts on why he pinned this phenomenon on HAARP.

What Are We Seeing In The Sky?

Whatever we are seeing in this video really is a bizarre thing to watch and I must admit that I’d never seen any natural phenomenon like this before.  That leaves the question then of what are we seeing.  My first question is if the video is faked.  I don’t think that is the case as the beam illuminates the clouds around it and it can be seen passing behind smaller clouds between it and the camera.  I would think this would be very hard to do so convincingly.

Thinking more terrestrially, it honestly it seems unlikely that it would be a HAARP discharge.  I would think those would be much higher and less obvious.  This is a very powerful beam of energy. As for a UFO, I suppose that could also be a culprit, but we don’t see any craft and the beam itself doesn’t appear to be a ship as much as a discharge.

I’m Betting Natural Phenomenon

Arc of energy in a storm cloud After watching this on my big screen, I noticed something that makes me think this is a funky, but rare phenomenon. At about 56 second mark of his video, you can see the beam bending into an arc.

I’m thinking what we have here is a big storm that is transferring energy from one part of the cloud to another through moist air.  There is probably lightning far off in the distance, the witness though would have been too far away to hear or see it.

Now that isn’t an official, well educated, definitive statement, but I’m going to make a logical guess as to that being the case.

Feel free to post you comments below and state your opinion.

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  1. HAARP is the reason Indiana sky’s are always cloud covered the democrats are trying to falsely prove global warming bull crap. All hurricanes in the past 10 years are man made by HAARP.

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