Video of a black triangle UFO and accompanying scout

Megadeth Drummer Nick Menza Videos UFO

Nick Menza videos UFOsJuly 22nd, 2014 former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza was out shooting video of the moon when he caught a Black Triangle UFO with his camera phone along with one other mysterious object.

In the comments to the video shot at his home in Studio City, California. that he posted on YouTube, he writes “”Return to Hangar” i was standing in my front yard with my two boys and this what we saw. not sure what it is but it’s totally awesome!”

As UFO videos go, this is actually quite good.  The clouds give some depth of field and distance to the objects clearly move in non-terrestrial ways.

In an interview Menza said “I was standing in my front yard with my two boys and this is what we saw. [It had] the shape of a triangular object with rounded tips glowing yellow and white. [I am] not sure what it is, but it looked totally awesome.”  I have to agree, I think he caught a great piece of evidence in the hunt for UFOs.


A Definite Black Triangle And One Other UFO

Video of a black triangle UFO and accompanying scout
The Nick Menza UFO video clearly shows a Black Triangle UFO and another smaller ship moving back and forth under it.

After watching his video through several times, what really strikes me in this video is that we can clearly see the colors of the lights.  No aircraft that we fly runs amber lights that I know of, but amber or yellow lights are a common sight on black triangle UFOs.

The other incredible feature is the second single point of amber light that seems to be a smaller craft moving around below the larger object.  In addition, thanks to the clouds, we can tell that they are fairly high up, meaning that the Black Triangle UFO is fairly large.

So here we have relatively clear footage of two UFOs interacting, with clouds to add perspective to the distance and size.  This is very hard to refute video!  Unlike most black triangle UFO encounters this one leaves, not by flying off into the distance, but appears to depart straight up and out of view at a high rate of speed.

What Do You Think Nick Menza Filmed?

I shoot down a lot of UFO photos and videos, but this one is VERY good in my opinion.  Nick has nothing that I can think of to gain by posting this video, and it would take some effort to make a fake this good.  In addition, he claims that he has additional witnesses.  That makes this a solid UFO case to me.

That being a said, what do you think Nick caught on video?  Is it an alien craft or one of ours or is it just another hoax?  Post your comments below or send me some email and let me hear your theory on this black triangle UFO encounter.

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4 thoughts on “Megadeth Drummer Nick Menza Videos UFO”

  1. Having seen several unknown flying objects in our skies personally(California, & Arizona), but not able to take photographs, this video is a very lucky capture. I wonder if anyone else saw or photographed this?

  2. NICK: Yep, you caught one (A UFO). The craft you saw & recorded has been seen numerous times around the world in many different countries. This is nothing new.


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