Alien outside car window.

Photo of Alien Outside Car Window

Aliens Have Perfected the PhotoBomb!

Alien outside car window.
Is this a photo of an alien peeking in a car window?

One of the hottest UFO and Alien related photos on the web right now is this photo of what is supposed to be an alien outside the car window.  What do you think?  I think that the Aliens are done testing on us and are now perfecting the art of PhotoBombing.

Theories as to what it actually are are bouncing all over the place and some of the most common ideas are:

  • An actual alien
  • A billboard
  • Photoshop

What do you think?  To me it looks to human to be an actual gray alien, unless this is some funky hybrid or one got collagen injections.  But seriously, if that was an alien right outside your car window don’t you think you MIGHT notice that?

Post your comments on what you think we are seeing here. 

I’m laying money that it isn’t and ET trying to get famous on Twitter and Instagram.

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