Naples Floriday Security Cam UFO Footage

Security Cam Footage of UFO Over Florida Pool

Did a Security Cam in Florida Catch a UFO?

Naples Floriday Security Cam UFO Footage
Did a security cam in Florida catch a UFO or something else hovering over their pool?

The news from Naples Florida is that a security cam caught an unidentified object floating and messing around over a pool.  Seems odd, but who knows, maybe they were wanting to cool off.

I’m going to say that it probably wasn’t ETs dropping by for a late night pool party.  My best guess is something really close to the lens that was illuminated by the lights around it.  Spiderweb with water on it?   Obviously whatever it is, it is refracting the lights from around the pool.  Are news crews really this stupid, or are they that hard up for news?  Of course you can always rack these stories up to disinformation, keeping people believing all the UFO reports are just junk stories.

What do you think this is?  All I know for sure is if I though a UFO was hovering over my condo’s pool, I would get my ass down there and take a look at it in person, not just sit and watch it on the screen!

2 thoughts on “Security Cam Footage of UFO Over Florida Pool”

  1. I am ALL FOR UFO discussions and videos, however this one is not a UFO. Something is reflecting off of the camera. Otherwise there would be witnesses. Also, how could you sit and watch a screen for THIRTY MINUTES and not go check it out? Story doesnt fly with me. Get it, fly? HAHA im punny

  2. i think it was pretty cool. i mean a flare on the lense is probable judgeing buy the how glares work on my snapshot camera’s but still.. how bright they are and how they move just puts a sense of mystery to it. not saying ufo’s here but maybe wierd electric phanomina? idk. you should defenately look into the strange lights in clouds thing circulateing, i keep seeing them and they point out where the sun is and then these lights just move or fade. its random.

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