Fungus like Chinese Star Jelly

Star Jelly – Chinese Skyfall of Yellow Objects

What are these yellow star jelly blobs found in China?

After a sighting of a UFO the previous night in Yongjin, Sichuan, China, a villager left his home to find four yellow, fungus looking lumps the size of “a small child’s fist” in a row in his yard.  The question is, what are these things?

Fungus like Chinese Star Jelly
Chinese Star Jelly? Were these yellow blobs dropped by a passing UFO?

Sources of information about what is likely either a rare fungus or a Star Jelly find, are Chinese newspapers, of which Google does a poor job of translating.

When called to the scene, government officer Zhang Defu found that villagers had already destroyed two of the objects.   But the remaining two items had golden brown shells and were soft like steamed eggs, but not easily broken.  As painful as the translation is to read here is an excerpt:

He gently peel outside golden superficial, which reveal something brown brown and golden brown, a few seconds later, again inside the opened, the same is true.
Zhang Defu said, he saw a long time do not know what, not flour, more than the meat of things. News carefully, very light plants emit the kind of fresh taste, but not the smell. “WCC reporter Li Gang Related saying there will be no software meteorite

The fact that these Chinese Star Jellies are not meteorites seems a given.  If they fell fully from space, they would have broken up on reentry.  So what dropped them?

One possibility is that they were related to the UFO spotted the night before that came into the Huaxi media call center reporting “a mass of bright significant fireball fall in paddy fields”.  Was a UFO having problems and leaking something?

Could this just be a misidentified fungus and not Star Jelly?

The possibility that this is just a rare fungus is also on the table.   Several fungi species are gooey inside or to the touch.  But so far in my looking I haven’t found one that is a match.  Do you know of a fungus that matches the description of Chinese Star Jelly objects?  If so, please post a comment below and let me know!


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  1. hey im using your piece on black eyed children for my sociology project and I need to site your name. But I couldnt find it on the page, aside from cliff, which I dont think my teacher would accept

  2. Alien poop.

    Just like that “meteor” that someone thought landed on his roof but it actually was poop from an airline passenger that leaked.

  3. Looks like a busted rotting hedge apples. I use them here in NE Kansas to repel spiders after they fall from the trees.
    I really don’t know but that’s what I see when I look at the picture of the “star jelly”…that combo of words really gives me the yucks 🥴😉
    Killith in Kansas

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