water sprayed from nowhere.

The Water Droplet Phenomenon: Water Sprayed From Nowhere

A Twist On The “Water Droplet Phenomenon”

water sprayed from nowhere.

The Water Droplet Phenomenon is when you are hit with water falling from above with no rational explanation.  Often times people have this happen indoors, and search the ceiling for signs of a water leak, but find none.  Outside it is harder to debunk, but often it happens when there is no rational reason.

Accounts Of The Water Droplet Phenomenon

There are many, many accounts of the water droplet phenomenon, similar to this one posted on Project Paranormal:

It started right before my mother passed away in 1998, when I was sitting in my living room and a small water droplet fell on my arm. I, of course, thought it was from my ceiling and I took a step ladder to check and see if there was moisture on it anywhere. It was dry as a bone. I tried to figure it out without any luck. This now happens fairly frequently but usually under times of stress for me or my family. It not only happens to me, but to my husband as well. We both are very baffled about this “water droplet phenomena” and have no idea what to think of it. The droplet is about the size of a tear and once when I tasted it…it was salty like a tear. Please, help me figure this out. If the water was coming from my ceiling, by now, I would have some sort of stain on it. It also happens when it is NOT raining. I and my husband are not bothered by it…we just want to understand what it means. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Water Sprayed From Nowhere

Recently I came across a report posted on Reddit of not just a droplet falling from the sky, but of a person being sprayed with a whole stream of water, seemingly from nowhere.

I was with two friends standing outside my friends house. Ok we did smoke weed so we were blazed but I’ve never hallucinated anything on weed.

It was a bright sunny day. No rain whatsoever. Pretty dry and humid like a normal Florida day.

All of a sudden…my leg is sprayed by water. Water hits my legs from a horizontal way, from the side. I don’t say anything for some reason prob because I was baked.

My friend says aloud ” anybody else feel that?” I said yeah. And he says how he was hit by like a water spray on his arm.

We brushed it off because we had no clue what it could be…but later I thought hard about it.

Could it be some type of plant spraying water or what? Or is it a jinn or something.

People commenting proposed that it could be someone messing with them, or even a bird pooping on them.  When I talked with him, he denied that anyone was around other then him and his friends.  I’m also pretty sure that birds don’t poop sideways and that no matter how baked a person was, they could tell the difference between bird poop and water.

In talking with him he added:

My friend was standing 5-6 in front of me and we were both sprayed from a sideways angle on a hot , dry day with no other source of water near us. There may be some rational expiation but nothing I can figure out

This seems very similar to the “Stones From Nowhere” phenomenon, but with water instead.  Perhaps some spirit took offense to them smoking weed right there?  It is all just speculation at this point, especially with only one account to work with.

Have You Experienced The Water Droplet Phenomenon?

If you have experienced the water droplet phenomenon or even stranger, being sprayed with water from nowhere, please be sure to let us know.  You can submit your report on our contact page!

The more of these reports we have on file, the more sense we can make of all these paranormal encounters with water from nowhere!

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  1. I have experienced a single drop of water hitting my head and mostly my arm. Sometimes after a stressful event and sometimes when I’ve had a choice to make. It has happened in many places; at home, outside, at work and even in my car.
    Some say it’s a sign from God, or when ghosts are around. I am sensitive but it happens at home and I know my home is not haunted so I am still at a loss as to why it occurs.

  2. I was just sitting on the couch talking with my mom on the phone, my bf sitting next to me and the tv on,… when I suddenly 2drops landing on my upper left arm out of nowhere ~ identical in size similar of soft contact lenses, not salty but not sweet either just clean tasting water, They were on my arm until I wiped it off 5 minutes later, never dripped. I tried to attach a pic but it didn’t allow me. what does this mean???

  3. A few days ago, I felt a drop on my right forearm as I stood in my kitchen. The drop was the size of a tear, felt like water, and was clear. I didn’t taste it. No indication of water or cracks on the ceiling. About 30 minutes later, it happened again. In the kitchen, but about 12 inches away from the original spot. I will say that in the days leading up to this phenomenon, I had a lot on my mind, pent up emotions, a decision to make, and I had prayed that God would surround me and my family with angels. I only mention this info because I suspect it may have something to do with it. I am just relieved others had had this, and I’m not alone.

  4. Yesterday I picked up three pairs of jeans of a storage bin in my closet that were all completely soaked. I looked for a leak but there was none. No clothes hanging up above them were wet. The storage bin had a puddle of water on it were the jeans were sitting. Then last night I was making a grilled cheese n as I was waiting to flip it I was holding the spatula in my right hand n a huge drop of water landed right on it. I looked but again everything was none dry. I’m scared I don’t know what’s going on.

  5. I’ve had water dripping on face neck and arms most of night last night ceiling not dripping my bf didn’t experience it an when he touched where I felt water at he said he felt nothing it happened several times I even switched to other side of bed same thing.

  6. I set my alarm for 545 am to get my children on the bus. I snooze it twice ND wake up at 620am. This morning I just cut the alarm clock off and dozed back off. I was woke up to a single droplet of water on my face close to my upper lip. I looked at the clock it was 6:20am. I looked up to see if it came from the ceiling… No sign of water. I looked outside the window to see if it was raining and it was not. All I know is I’ve been seeking God like never before and it’s no coincidence that I was woke up on time. It was God for sure… In the Bible God refers to Himself as the living water. Hope this helps and glad to see others have experienced this awesome move! Stay blessed

  7. I had this experience 3 times. Water drop from above in the kitchen landing on my arm on one occasion, then my shoulder on another. It wasnt raining out and it was a hot summer. I inspected the ceiling on both occasions and there was no way it came from this dimension. The first time i called my son over because i couldnt believe it. My daughter laughed. Then several weeks later she came running out of her room freaked out and said it had just happened to her and she was sorry for not believing me. My boyfriends father had died in this house and it was definitely haunted. There was alot of paranormal activity there. When i researched it i found that this type of phenomenon is related to hauntings.

  8. The water drop has happened to me quite a few times and every time I was inside my home minding my own business. However about an hour ago I was reading a book when outta nowhere I was sprayed and it hit me in the forehead, left forearm, my eyes and lips. The instant it hit me I jerked and squinted. It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one this happens to, but I hope we can find out soon what’s going on.

  9. I too experienced a droplet on my lip while laying in bed last night. I stood on my bed and the ceiling was completely dry. I have no idea where it came from. It was like a tear drop. Before closing my eyes I prayed for my dad. His health is declining and I’m so worried about him. I’m not sure if that was a coincidence, but I felt it was a response to my prayer.

    1. Um… I had an experince about this when I was in an island with my relatives last 2016. We were there for my relative who is becoming a nun. Then i was alone that morning then I felt a water that dropped at my forehead in the forest. I touched my forehead but there wasnt any water that I can feel. Then I actually had a crush thinking that i could be friends with him. Then i was upset that he doenst care, so i unfriended him and I saw a word “move on” with black stripes. God wanted me to move on from him cause i would believe on what the tarot was saying to me. Before I could confess to him, believing that i like him and he likes me and that i wanted some fantasy in my life, i saw a word “let some things be” in someone else t-shirt. Gid was trying to make stop in believing or do anything wrong cause things will ruin for me.

  10. I just had this phenomenon happen to me about 30 minutes ago.

    My brother and I were sitting on the couch watching an episode of an anime we both enjoy. A single water drop fell from above me and plopped directly on the center of the top of my head. I both heard the sound of it hitting my head and felt it, but when I touched my head to find out what had landed on me, my head was completely dry. I asked my brother if he had heard the soft splat of the drop, but he said that he hadn’t. I asked him to touch my head to see if he could feel any moisture, but he also felt nothing there. We both checked the ceiling to confirm that there wasn’t any water coming from a leak in the ceiling because it is stormy outside, and the ceiling was firm, dry, and intact.

    this is the first time I’ve experienced this, and as you can see, i immediately looked it up, and here I am sharing with everyone here.

  11. I’ve felt a water droplet a few times in my life…that’s why I looked it up to see if anyone else has felt it. Usually when it’s raining and I’m calm. It’s like a drop of water has managed to pass through all the other molecules above me in my car or in my house and it hits me. It’s always when I’m very calm or absent minded.

  12. Weed doesn’t make you hallucinate, but I spoke it in the spot where I’ve been feeling water droplets hit me. It happens every time I sit on the computer chair. It’s been occurring for at least two weeks. A friend passed away in our house earlier this year, but the water droplets are just now falling from what I thought was the ceiling… There are no stains on the ceiling and the roof was just recently replaced. Anyway, my friend didn’t like weed, never wanted to be around it, and always asked if I smoked it. Kind of eerie…

  13. Umm.. I had an experience about it when I was in an island with my relatives last 2016 in may. We were visiting a relative who was an aunt. Then one morning, i was strolling in the forest then i suddenly felt a drop of water on my forehead. But I touched it there was nothing. There was a guy whom i wanted to befriend but i unfriended him cause he doesnt care. After i unfriended him i saw a word “move on” with black stripes then the new beginning song by james spiteri played. God wanted me to move on and not believe what the tarot was saying to me cause after a month after that in july, me and my friend were playing the tarot. Before i could tell my feelings to him, believing he likes me and i also liked him, i saw a word “let some things be” on a t-shirt and that night, it was really traffic and it was rainy, i ran as fast as i could to confess my love.. My feelings were developed my the tarot. If i let some things be, things would be fine for me now and him. God didnt want me to do any of that.

  14. I have experienced this for a long time now and have never found any reason why this happens. This morning I woke up and as usual when it happens, I get a teardrop on my lips and as usual, I wipe it away. I am starting to be more conscious about it now and the next time it happens I need to capture it instead of wiping it away. As far as I know, it only happens when I am indoors and always when I am in bed. There is no time frame when it happens, it could be at the beginning when I am about to fall asleep or when I wake up but always when I am in that cloudy state going into or out of each phase. Our home is normally cool with the thermostat set at 68 degrees. I have reviewed this as a possible reason but found that there was no condensation on the ceiling anywhere in the house. Not sure what it is or how it is caused but will continue to observe.

  15. This just happened to me, it had confused me so much. Just sitting on the sofa alone and a blob of water just fell and landed on my arm. I was checking the ceiling and even went upstairs to check no water on floor up there, but nothing. So odd!

  16. My wife and I also experienced it though we were not together when it both happened to us, and in the same room which is our bedroom. I experienced it, I think, twice in the middle of a hot day. My wife experienced it in the wee hours of a warm night, and in the day too. There was no leak in the ceiling even when it rains. We have a crucifix on the wall above our bed like in the monasteries and catholic hospitals. It all happened when we were undergoing severe trials financially. I guess it’s a spiritual blessing from heaven just like the belief of some who experienced it also. Sometimes my wife and I think that it could be a sign from a poor soul in purgatory needing some prayers. To sum it al, we believe it’s something spiritual. It could also be our guardian angel trying to cool us from the heat of worries. By the way, we’re from the Philippines.

  17. Ive experence water spray out or no where its in a fine mist and always cool and
    refreshing and always perfect sunny weather to nite for the first time it was nite time

  18. It just happened to me in my room by my self I was just sitting hear lost in my mind and out of no where a water drop fell on my pants and fell to the point where I could feel it slash and i immediately stood up and look at the roof completely dry my drink is nowhere near me so I look it up and find this I mean my mom passed away three years ago and I havr felt she passed on to me. But I don’t know but its real for sure

  19. Water droplets just fell on my hand. Well 1 big drop. I dont understand. I just looked up, to see if it was coming from my ceiling. But nope there was nothing. I wish i had better understanding. But very strange.

  20. For the first time today after swimming I got out of the pool to shower to remove the chlorine and I thought I felt a sprinkler on my arms. There was no sprinkler around and I hadn’t turned the water on yet. Before swimming I felt a tingling in my lips. After I read awhile, I went up to the condo we are renting and I thought I stepped in water. I even asked my husband if he spilled something. There was nothing to wipe up. He told me to go take a shower maybe I was just out too long. I took a shower dried and dressed and came out to the living room and I felt like I Was stepping in water. We went down to watch the sunset. No clouds in the sky and I felt sprinkles on my skin again, on my hands and arms. I had long sleeves on. I asked my husband if he felt it and two other people who were there. No one felt it, there were no clouds, no sprinklers. I kept feeling it on and off. I was dry. That’s why I looked it up.

  21. I just woke up. 830am.
    Sat up to wake up and gather myself and I started fefeeling teeny tiny sprinkles of water hitting my shoulders back arms and hands. The first few I shrugged off thinking my mind was playing tricks. But it kept happening so I turned my phone flashlight on to inspect where I felt the cold moist sensation to see there try was tiny dots of water falling on me. I searched the ceiling, the walls, made sure my window was completely sealed shut…. Sat back down in bed and it continued. Im in awe. It’s still happening right now. Absolutely no way and nowhere for this to be coming from….

  22. It happened to me twice. Feels like water is sprayed on my left arm. I think it’s neuropathy symptoms for upper extremities. In the foot it feels like somebody is stabbing with a knife.

  23. I was on the phone in my kitchen and I just saw 2 drops of water in the doorway leading to my dining room, drip from the ceiling straight to the floor. I immediately went to look on the floor and there was no moisture and none on the ceiling where I saw it drip from. I hung up the phone and called my girl and her kids into the room and they all said they have seen that before and my girl said it means there is unresolved sorrow in the house. Well it freaked me out and I’m not familiar with supernatural things that occur. Just wanted to share. Be safe out there everyone.

  24. me too…just once…
    2 night ago while i was sitting down at the eftar(“dinner when you are fast”) … it was like some one has sneezed on my hand…

  25. I was just laying in my bed after talking to my girl friend on face time. I called he back and not 5 minutes later a drop of water hit my top lip. I checked the ceiling and nothing. While I was standing another drop hit the back of my leg.

    1. I met someone at work who happens to be into arts like witchcraft, nothing extreme but it got her attention. I used to look into that stuff and because of her I started exploring more. I know I shouldn’t because I know Jesus is the only way. I went to 2 spirit shops in the last 3 days and I knew I shouldn’t have touched anything but I couldn’t help it, a couple of those things were stones, books and different skulls. I bought a tiger’s eye pendant because I thought it was pretty and it sits in my room. Today I was unloading freshly cleaned clothes from the hamper in my living room and a fat drop of water smacked my upper left arm. I thought great another thing to deal with, thinking it was the ceiling. It’s frozen outside right now and I’m on the top floor. I wiped away the water on my arm and searched all over the ceiling. Everything bone dry. I looked around anywhere to find a source but literally nothing around. A couple of weird things have been going on and lately my monthly sleep paralysis has been stronger. The girl at work even says weird things have been happening to her as well. I don’t know what I did but I don’t want any part of this if it means anything bad

  26. This has happened to me twice that I can remember clearly as I went out of my way trying to find a source for the drop. Both times, the drop fell from what seemed like the ceiling onto my arm.
    My first experience was as a pre-teen at a friend’s house. I tried to figure out where the water was from and didn’t mention it to anyone. I got freaked out a bit and mentioned it to my friends so we could investigate where the source was from, but there wasn’t an explanation for the water. Prior to this, I had an uneasy feeling, of another presence in the room.
    It happened to me again today as an adult, while I was thinking about my relatives, and ancestors’ which also came out of the blue.

  27. This has now happens 3 times to me in the last week, all different places inside my home. Each time I just watched one single drop fall like it was out of nowhere. I have lived in this house for a few years and can’t recall anything like this happening before. What could this mean??

  28. Hello I am leaving this entry for the discussion of the water droplet or tear discussion. I’ve recently been doing a lot of my own research on Hinduism. To make a long story short I wanted to observe the recent Mahashavatri of 2021. Mostly observed by Hindus. I did the Om Namah Shivaya chant at 3am. At 4 am I went to the toilet. As I sat on the toilet a single drop of water hit the top of my right wrist. I looked above of course for condensation or a water mark but nothing. No water anywhere but in the toilet under me. So like any normal person I tasted it and it was salty. Now I hadn’t been expecting much from my first Mahashavatri but the chant did cause a kundalini sensation, enough to make me aware. But then after when the water droplet happened was even more phenomenal. Thank you all for sharing.

  29. Just happened to me for the first time. I was laying in bed (under a dry ceiling) praying to God, apologizing for disconnecting from him for so long, asking for his guidance in my relationships, and promising to trust Him from here on out… as i closed my prayer… a huge water droplet hit the side of my mouth. I was STUNNED and felt like an electrical current was flowing through my entire body. I immediately checked the ceiling, called my brother to share this bizarre story, and he told me about the “water droplet” phenomenon. Which is why I’m here now. Still can’t make sense of it and haven’t found another’s story where the person was LITERALLY PRAYING when it happened… guess imma take it as a good sign and run with that!! Absolutely wild.

    1. Hi Jordan, I had the same experience. I have researched and I have learned it’s a love one trying to connect. It could be your Spirit Angel or Spirit guide trying to communicate with you. you might have to raise your vibration connect.

  30. I had a really tough day at work today. My mom died in March this year and it has been tougher without her. I asked for a sign from her and (granted I am baked right now) here I am. I am so happy right now.

  31. I woke up and headed downstairs to get a bite to eat it was a little before too twelve pm. Food made and sat on living room couch. I went to take a bite and a large drop of water dropped from ceiling. So large it dropped on couch and on head. My daughter and husband was able to see it so we all tried to debunk it. No wet ceiling, no water around no one with water. Then I looked about 45 min later and drops of water had fell again on my couch. I was able to video it. I know this house has some things happen that were strange. I did bless the house but I think I need to bless it again. Any thoughts?

  32. This happened to me about 30 minutes ago, i wish just laying down listening to a chandra mantra and pondering about the true meaning of the word transcendence, i fell a little vibration on my forehead and i reached to gently rub the area, then a drop of water the size of a tear fell on the corner of my mouth, i wiped it and yes it was wet, not my imagination! I obviously checked the ceiling, no leak. It’s nice to see that i’m not the only one who experienced this.

  33. I was just sitting on my couch when this happened to me but on my foot and the amount of water was more than just a drop about 5 cm (2″) long and 3 cm (1.2″) wide it was perfectly clear and I let it sit there for about 5 minutes before wiping it off it had no taste like pure water I checked my ceiling of course and nothing. I’m fairly spiritual but I wasn’t in particularly sad or having an emotional time although I was told by somebody recently I have unreleased emotions Pluto wants me to get rid of or something I kind of just dismissed it lol. Super weird though.

  34. It’s been going on for a couple years finally trying to figure out what it is ,it happens in the house,driving down the road,in the store ,hot afternoons ,what does it mean ? Is it something from a different deminsion? Is it my son that passed away,do I need holy water? I hatso many questions but no answers……

  35. This has happened to me twice., both times while sitting on the couch watching TV. The first time I was sprayed directly in the face. The second time was today and it hit my arm. No wet spots on ceiling. Cannot understand why this is happening.

  36. My husband and I are experiencing this phenomenon on the same days now, as before we would both experience it but at different times and in different places. We moved into our first home together about 2 1/2 years ago and ever since then bad things started to happen, I believe that this house is jinxed. We moved in on March 13, 2021, in July 2021 my beloved cat Budafucco out of nowhere became ill and was diagnosed with cancer, he passed on October 22, 2021. I then had a massive heart attack the end of November 2021 and another on December 26, 2021 and almost didn’t survive. Then on April 8, 2022 my brother passed of cancer. Then in May 2023 I was bit in the toe in our backyard and it turned into Gan Green and had to be amputated. Then also in May 2023 I was hospitalized with Severe Sepsis and almost didn’t make it. It was after I left the hospital I started to experience thus phenomenon. First in the kitchen I felt a drop of what I thought was water on my shoulder, but nothing was there. Then my husband would experience the same thing. Now he also feels it at work and now we both feel the drops on our legs.

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