Three Translucent UFOs Over El Cajon, CA

El Cajon UFO Video

What exactly are these three strange objects that were filmed over the skies of El Cajon in California? This video was originally posted on Reddit and the OP claims that the objects were flying against the wind, and from the looks of the video, are moving between the clouds. “They were also flickering in the […]

The Berkeley Mystery Walls

View of the East Bay Walls

All across the world, there is evidence that there is a lot of history that we don’t know all of the details about or are purely guessing at. Not all of this evidence is in far flung lands that require expeditions deep into a jungle or across a desert. In fact you can find evidence […]

Driver blames UFO for accident

San Bernadino UFO forces van from road

A driver in California claims that it was an extraterrestrials fault that his van went off the road and rolled over. He claims that it was a UFO that forced him off the road.

An Underground Base Under The San Gabriel Mountains?

A Secret Underground Base Under The San Gabriel Mountains This week, some people cheered and others booed as Obama signed off on creating the San Gabriel Mountain National Monument. ¬†While most of the debate has been over access to the area, what restoration work will be done and so on, my question has been much […]