San Bernadino UFO forces van from road

Driver blames UFO for accident

Driver blames UFO for accident

A driver in California is claiming a UFO ran him off the road

On Wednesday February 6th, a solo vehicle accident occurred on Highway 18 in a mountainours area near San Bernadino in California

The driver of a Ford E350 van called 911 to request a tow truck as his vehicle had been flipped off the road by aliens at just after 1:30 in the afternoon. He requested that police not be summoned to the scene and that they just send a tow truck.

California Highway Patrol did arrive on the scene to investigate. Despite being confrontational with bystanders and officers, the man who was largely unharmed was not charged with any crimes, which one would expect if he had been under the influence at the time of accident. The claims of an extraterrestrial cause for his wreck are still under investigation by the Highway Patrol.

California Highway Patrol responding to a call of a van flipped off the road by a UFO.
California Highway Patrol officers investigating a report that a UFO forced a van off the road on Highway 18

So far there are no other reports of UFO activity in the area and no other witnesses have stepped forward to corroborate the drivers claims.

It would be interesting if the van could be tested for any radioactive or magnetic anomalies that would show some form of alien intervention in this crash.

What do you think happened here?

Let us know what you think happened here. Did a UFO actually cause this wreck or is the driver making it up. If you were in the San Bernadino area and saw anything unusual, please let us know!

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Credit for original articles and photos: Mountain Reporter

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  1. I think perhaps he didn’t know how to drive on an icy road and wanted to come up with an excuse. Lotsa people out there like that…
    If there had been a UFO hanging around, seems like someone else would have seen it.

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