Momo: The Missouri Monster (2019) Reviewed

We stopped the serious work to stop and watch Momo: The Missouri Monster and of course write up a review of this part dramatization, part documentary of the Missouri Monster

Pythian Castle Ghosts and hauntings

The Pythian Castle in Missouri is one of the most haunted places you can hope to ever visit. Strange sounds, objects moving and even shadows and ghosts can all be seen here.

Evidence of Big Foot Around Salem, MO

Bigfoot Around Salem, MO And The Ozarks This morning I was catching up on the latest in the paranormal world and ran across this excellent article about Bigfoot in Salem and the Ozarks by and thought I’d share it with you.  The reality is that there is evidence of different groups of Bigfoot living all […]

Olive Branch, MS Triangular Shaped UFO Captured On Video

Hard To Dispute Footage Of A UFO Over Olive Branch, MS This is an extremely fresh UFO video, shot near Olive Branch, MS.  Filmed by Angela Ashton of Cryptic Shadows Paranormal Research in Feb. 2015, it was immediately uploaded to YouTube. The video shows what appears to be a dark, triangular shaped craft with lights both […]

Missouri Bigfoot and UFO Sighing December, 2012

Double sighting of a Bigfoot and UFOs in the same area in Missouri I am still very skeptical about a direct link between UFOs and Bigfoot.  However, it is occasionally the case that people encounter the two in the same area at about the same time. A prime example of this is a report from […]